Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Things About Me...For Better or Worse.

Yay! Sarah Stelmok has challenged me to a fun blog game in which I get to tell 6 terribly interesting and very likely, random things about me. And Sarah has set the bar pretty high as you can tell by clicking on her name.

So here it goes:

1. I don't like bacon. I know, I know...most people find this appalling. However, I hate the smell and it makes me feel so gross deep down inside. Ug. Sometimes I like the way it tastes...but that's usually if it's combined with some form of egg (because egg is the perfect food.)

2. I play the ukulele. Not well or anything, but I'm trying. My hope is that someday I can whip it out a my hypothetical children's birthday parties and embarrass the be-jujuice out of them. So Awesome.

3. I was not built for a real job/the modern working world. I would have done much better in a hunting and gathering society because I am an AMAZING gatherer...middle management material even.

4. I heart shoes. I heart them to a fault. This is not particularly interesting but it's true. I have shoes I bought because with no intention of ever wearing. I just really like to look at them. My favorite pair is a little black pair of kitten heels...maybe a 1/2 inch heel height with super pointy toes in an Asian inspired satin print. They totally rule and are impossible to walk in. Someday I will think, "I could have retired 5 years earlier if I hadn't bought so many shoes."

5. Tequilla and I have a relationship slightly mirroring that of an abusive couple. I need to preface this with the fact that I am a social drinker but try to stay away from tequilla on the occasions that I do partake. But this is how it goes down after I've had a few drinks:
"That" Girl/Guy: Hey everyone, gather round....Let's do Tequilla shots!
Meghan: Oh no, I couldn't. Tequilla and I are over! Why would I go back? The last time I was with him I ended up with all these bruises and crying my eyes out for reasons I can't remember. There is no way I will ever be with that scumbag again.
"That" Girl/Guy: No, Meghan, don't worry, it'll be different this time. He's changed.
Meghan: Well, maybe he didn't mean it. PASS THE SALT!!
And End Scene
(Stay Tuned for the Mexican Honeymoon Episode Coming This March!)
6. I'm an Auntie....Grin grin grin grin.

So now I get to pass the joy to 6 other bloggers! My magic finger chooses (really there's not much of a choice because I only know 5 people with blogs. So sad...):
1. Bridget Meadows, my darling sister who's a little preoccupied right now but I'm sure will get around to it.
2. Danny Bob Archibald, my brother who is currently in Cameroon training to be a Peace Corps volunteer and may not ever get around to doing this.
The directions are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog entry
3. Write six random things about yourself
4. Pass it on
5. Alert the bloggers you've chosen
6. Tell me when you're done, because I wanna read 'em!


  1. you are a nut and a half and I love you for it!!! I will let you know about my six interesting facts. I'll have to think about, interesting doesn't come quick and clever to this blond like it does to you Archibalds!!!

  2. Um... I seriously would do this, but I don't know how to link to you. Lame, I know. I'll get around to it.

  3. OK, I have done it - check em out.