Monday, September 22, 2008

The Classic College Admissions Essay Answered...Sort of.

"If you could have dinner with 5 people, alive or dead, who would they be and why?"

I found a college entrance essay that I had written about 10 years ago. Back then, in my 17 year old brain, I thought my answer was brilliant. I picked the following: Shakespeare, Anne Frank, Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln. I then went on to say something about diversity and understanding that people from all backgrounds together would make for a great dinner and the sharing of ideas from such different perspectives would be "rewarding." Yes, I actually referred to the thought of having dinner with Gandhi as being "rewarding."

So I was thinking that now, in my 27 year old brain, what would I change? Who would I invite to a dinner party and more importantly, what would we eat? Had I been the same person then that I have now become, this would have been my list:

Emily Post: First, the party would be at her house seeing as she was the consummate hostess. Yes, some of her ideas are antiquated and based on a patriarchal society that views women as domestic beings of possession. However she got a few things right in regard to social graces. More than anything, she knew how to be kind and treat others (and yourself) with respect. I would love to see Emily Post in a modern world take on the etiquette of email and Internet dating. How fantastic would that be? And who wouldn't want to kick it at Emily's house? I can guarantee the food would be impeccable.

Tim Gunn: That's right, Project Runway's own. Not just for pop culture sake and the fact he's too fabulous for words, but also because I think my entire life philosophy has become "Make it work." And not just when it comes to crafting. My entire life I'm going to be confronted with issues. Something I've done or created and there's no going back and undoing what's a girl to do? That's right, "make it work" and "carry on". Otherwise, I know I'd better be prepared for a serious ass reaming from Nina. That woman could pick out an unfinished hem faster than you can say "auf Wiedersehen."

Barbie: Do her calf muscles just hurt so much after walking around on tip toes all the time? Really I would like to meet Barbie because a) she and Tim would get along FAMOUSLY and b) is there anything she HASN'T done? Hello!! Career ADD! We're talking about a role model for girls everywhere...shouldn't we all want to have dinner with her?

My Child at Age 27: Taking the fun out of the uncertainty of life? Nah...more like making sure the bugger was taught and adheres to good table manners. Just kidding. But really, I would like to see that they make it to 27. I think it would make me, as a "someday" mother, relax and enjoy bringing them up instead of constantly worrying what has popped up on the most recent recall list. It would also save them the embarrassment of being sent outdoors everyday in a head to toe Nerf suit.

William Shakespeare: Mr. Shakespeare still stands out in my mind as being someone I would like to talk to. He was by no means a man to hold in the highest regard as far as character, but rather a person who has created works so influential and withstanding, I want to know how he did it. What was his process? And please Mr. Shakespeare, give me a reading. A sonnet, a snipet from Midsummer, the back of a Cheerios box....anything.

So that's it...I wish I could have been honest at 17 and said who I really wanted to have dinner with. I wish I hadn't taken my youth so seriously because perhaps I would be more inclined to take my adulthood seriously. Regardless, you are who you are and at 27, I'm really glad I've started to figure that out.

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