Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Preview: The Bunny Jean Collection

I like to make myself sound as if I own and create things for my very lucrative crafting business...don't judge me. So in honor of my very first niece about to make her debut (not kidding, she's being born right now), I thought I'd post some pictures of my favorite things I've created just for her.

This is the blanket I made when I heard we had our very first niece/nephew on her/his way! I've never attempted to make a quilt in my life and it needed to be very gender neutral. Seeing how my sister hearts sock monkeys (she has a problem...seriously), this print made a fabulous blankie. I had no quilt batting around so the two layers of fabric have a layer of fleece in the middle. It actually worked out quite well! The corners were totally jacked however, and my sis's mother in law, an amazing quilter, fixed them for me.

It's a girl! As soon as I found out, this was what I decided to create. While not the most practical of baby gifts, it is going to make a cute picture. And it was so quick to put together...a little tulle and a onesie and it's girly girl heaven! The pic is dark, but you get the idea.

Pink skulls for a baby? Why not! Besides, Daddy is a rocker, so if nothing else, he'll appreciate it.

My family is originally from New Zealand so the baby is a "kiwi half breed." This is a little onesie I stitched together so she'd know her roots! This is a great and super easy project. Again, take a plain ol' onesie and cut out a fun shape. I backed the pieces with interfacing and hand stitched them on. I started with a machine and ended up with a bloody mess, so hand stitching, for me at least, was definitely the way to go. I also made matching burp cloths for a perfect little set.

I'm sure there will be more to come. Again, I'm just so excited about having a little person to create things for!

Please share any thoughts or ideas you may have for baby can only go so far making onesies.

PS: She has ARRIVED! Darcy Jean, weighing in at 7lbs .5oz!!

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