Monday, October 20, 2008

DIY Date Night

I am marrying a man with the best sense of childlike enthusiasm ever. My life is awesome.
World, meet Chadson. This is the man who was going to take me out on a "suprise date" one evening. All he told me was that we were going to be outside. The clouds looked ominouswhen I was driving home from work and he greeted me at the front door with disappointed look on his face. The original date was going to be a riverside picinic for dinner and watching the sunset over downtown.
But with the rain, my superhero of a fiance came up with another (dare I say better?) idea. When I walked upstairs, the tent was out, there were weenies on the stove and all the fixings for toaster oven smores. His replacement date of choice was our very own "Living Room Camp Out".
We set up the tent, watched scary movies, ate pimento cheese sandwiches along with our weenies and enjoyed each other under the "stars." Well, under our ceiling, but we used our imaginations....I highly recommend it :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gooble Gobble Turkey Dress

I swear I make things other than baby stuff. But recently I've been consumed with the cute and tiny. Also, I saw my new niece smile for the first time!! It was via Pic Messaging because I still haven't officially meet the little darling, but still very exciting!

Really I finally have an excuse to execute all the nutty ideas that keep me up at night. This one turned out pretty well. Darcy has been given lots of "holiday themed" gear...Easter Dresses, 4th of July dresses, Christmas dresses, Halloween onesies, etc. So I was trying to be different and since Thanksgiving is a huge deal in my family, why not make a turkey dress?

I had a really great paisley print that was ever so autumnal and the best was already in my collection! No trip to the fabric store needed....well at least for fabric. I did take full advantage of a giant pattern can't beat patterns for 99cents!

This particular pattern also gave a guide for some sweet embroidery which I will probably use at a later date. The whole thing was just too "typical baby" and I wanted to make this a little sister and her husband have a great appreciation for the unusual. They love me after all! I will say that the jacket was very easy, but the dress was a super pain.
My favorite part was creating Mr. Turkey. I'm getting better at applique on my machine. This is the first project I've done in a while that has actually turned out right...after the great coat disaster of '08, I've been doubting my abilities. I'm pretty pleased with this though! I just hope it fits my tiny little niece!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes in the Past 5 Years

I love Halloween. Back in college a friend of mine reminded me that homemade costumes, no matter what your skill, are always far superior to the overpriced "bagged" costumes you have to buy in a crowded store.

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I'd put together a list of DIY ideas and photos of costumes I've either made or had the honor of seeing friends make. Nothing like being resourceful!

10. Fred and Barney....Not because these costumes are especially well made or anything (they are literally hot glued together). But LOOK at these guys. Could they be more perfect for the role??

9. Indiana brother did this without much cash. Just one trip to the army supply store and he was Indy. I think he may have gotten the jacket at Goodwill, but regardless, it was awesome. I handed him the "idol" at the last's a cocktail glass from a sushi restaurant.

8. Mrs. Mia good friend Rachel was sooooo perfect! A trip to Kmart, some fake blood and a little baking soda, she was ready for Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest.

7. Elvis....The King never goes out of style! I will admit that the jumpsuit came out of a bag. However, the cape I made from a large photo copy of the real thing. And you can ALWAYS addmore! For example, the belt was kind of cheesy, so some chains from the hardware store and some extra rhinestones in the shape of an eagle and it looked much better. And the hair? That's all his....I do love a man who isn't afraid to commit! (P.S. He's going to marry me. No really people, he is!!)

6. Girl Jumping Out of a Cake....2 cardboard boxes, some pipecleaners, a sheet and a roll of double sided tape. Just don't try to get in and out of a car.

5. Peggy Bundy....She bought the shirt at Target NOT in the costume aisle. Rachel is a great example of how you don't need to buy an overpriced costume even if you don't know how to sew. She is a MASTER at putting these things together!!

4. Optimus Prime....He made this with spray paint, duct tape and a fantastic sense of humor. I was so impressed when he actually TRANSFORMED on my living room floor!

3. Team Double Dare....such a great Throw Back! I think he actually did his own artwork on the shirts, but this was a great couple costume with little needed!

2. The Pink Flamingo....I mean, who doesn't want to cover themselves in hot pink and dance around on one leg all night? I did actually make the dress, but the feathers were hot glued on and the headpiece was made out of cardboard and a headband. My favorite part? Goodwill seafoam bridesmaid shoes that I transformed into feathery flamingo feet...thank you hot glue, thank you!

1. The Asian Lettuce brother's girlfriend at the time wanted to be this for Halloween but had no idea how to do it. Again, I am always completely pleased with how anything I make out of felt looks when it's finished. The obi is constructed withbrocade and some interfacing...The "lettuce" is felt with flimsy green organza top stitched on in the likeness of lettuce leaves. She put chopsticks in her hair and looked AMAHZING!!

I hope this helps get some creative juices flowing...and just think, it's only for ONE night/ONE party/ONE time. It doesn't have to be constructed perfectly. Use everyday, mundane objects and you never know what you'll end up with!

When Keeping It Crafty Goes Wrong

I am a Coat-A-Holic. Which, in my head, meant I should try my crafty hand at sewing one.

I had it completely figured out. I found fabric at the store the other day and thought, wow...that stuff is AMAHZING but what would I ever use it for? On the way home I thought, YES! It would be a coat! Perfect! So I researched patterns and found the perfect one(Butterick B4665)...and magically, the pattern was on sale for $1.99. This HAD to be karma and divine intervention from the powers that be. On a side note, the pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

My problem came with the fabric. Again, I knew what I wanted but I failed to check the price tag. The dream fabric could be all mine for $25.99 a yard. I needed 4 yards and thought: for $100 and hours of labor I could make a trip to Tyson's and buy a coat.

So instead, I spent 2 hours in the fabric store deciding on an alternative. I knew I wanted it to follow my "PrepClectic" sense of style: One that has about a 3 in 5 chance of going horribly, horribly wrong. Not great odds in my closet.

So I picked a houndstooth-esque print. My fiance is a Bama alum and HUGE fan...I thought it would be just perfect. I wanted it to be light blue with red buttons and a red lining (it's my favorite color palette right now...I blame Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and this dress.....drool.)

I'm in line for the cutting table, two elderly ladies behind me started just gushing over the bolt like it was their first grandchild. That should have been a clue. So I got home, cut it out and constructed the outside and holy's ugly. I mean looks like I stole it off a bag lady kind of ugly. I didn't even have the heart to put the lining in! It turns out the "light blue" is definitely seafoam green against the cream background. So with the red it gives the effect of a Christmas elf booted from the North Pole because it wanted to make fashion not toys.

I do however want to salvage the project. I bought some cool brown zebra print thinking it would make a good perhaps I can pair that with something a little less Dorothy Gale on the Crack Brick Road.


At least it's keeping Taco warm....bad taste kitty! Bad taste!