Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gooble Gobble Turkey Dress

I swear I make things other than baby stuff. But recently I've been consumed with the cute and tiny. Also, I saw my new niece smile for the first time!! It was via Pic Messaging because I still haven't officially meet the little darling, but still very exciting!

Really I finally have an excuse to execute all the nutty ideas that keep me up at night. This one turned out pretty well. Darcy has been given lots of "holiday themed" gear...Easter Dresses, 4th of July dresses, Christmas dresses, Halloween onesies, etc. So I was trying to be different and since Thanksgiving is a huge deal in my family, why not make a turkey dress?

I had a really great paisley print that was ever so autumnal and the best part...it was already in my collection! No trip to the fabric store needed....well at least for fabric. I did take full advantage of a giant pattern sale...you can't beat patterns for 99cents!

This particular pattern also gave a guide for some sweet embroidery which I will probably use at a later date. The whole thing was just too "typical baby" and I wanted to make this a little funkier...my sister and her husband have a great appreciation for the unusual. They love me after all! I will say that the jacket was very easy, but the dress was a super pain.
My favorite part was creating Mr. Turkey. I'm getting better at applique on my machine. This is the first project I've done in a while that has actually turned out right...after the great coat disaster of '08, I've been doubting my abilities. I'm pretty pleased with this though! I just hope it fits my tiny little niece!

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  1. Darcy is very excited about this dress by the way, and she is sorry it was such a pain. :) Just remember - ribbons and ties at neck = bad for baby. Bring on turkey day!