Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes in the Past 5 Years

I love Halloween. Back in college a friend of mine reminded me that homemade costumes, no matter what your skill, are always far superior to the overpriced "bagged" costumes you have to buy in a crowded store.

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I'd put together a list of DIY ideas and photos of costumes I've either made or had the honor of seeing friends make. Nothing like being resourceful!

10. Fred and Barney....Not because these costumes are especially well made or anything (they are literally hot glued together). But LOOK at these guys. Could they be more perfect for the role??

9. Indiana brother did this without much cash. Just one trip to the army supply store and he was Indy. I think he may have gotten the jacket at Goodwill, but regardless, it was awesome. I handed him the "idol" at the last's a cocktail glass from a sushi restaurant.

8. Mrs. Mia good friend Rachel was sooooo perfect! A trip to Kmart, some fake blood and a little baking soda, she was ready for Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest.

7. Elvis....The King never goes out of style! I will admit that the jumpsuit came out of a bag. However, the cape I made from a large photo copy of the real thing. And you can ALWAYS addmore! For example, the belt was kind of cheesy, so some chains from the hardware store and some extra rhinestones in the shape of an eagle and it looked much better. And the hair? That's all his....I do love a man who isn't afraid to commit! (P.S. He's going to marry me. No really people, he is!!)

6. Girl Jumping Out of a Cake....2 cardboard boxes, some pipecleaners, a sheet and a roll of double sided tape. Just don't try to get in and out of a car.

5. Peggy Bundy....She bought the shirt at Target NOT in the costume aisle. Rachel is a great example of how you don't need to buy an overpriced costume even if you don't know how to sew. She is a MASTER at putting these things together!!

4. Optimus Prime....He made this with spray paint, duct tape and a fantastic sense of humor. I was so impressed when he actually TRANSFORMED on my living room floor!

3. Team Double Dare....such a great Throw Back! I think he actually did his own artwork on the shirts, but this was a great couple costume with little needed!

2. The Pink Flamingo....I mean, who doesn't want to cover themselves in hot pink and dance around on one leg all night? I did actually make the dress, but the feathers were hot glued on and the headpiece was made out of cardboard and a headband. My favorite part? Goodwill seafoam bridesmaid shoes that I transformed into feathery flamingo feet...thank you hot glue, thank you!

1. The Asian Lettuce brother's girlfriend at the time wanted to be this for Halloween but had no idea how to do it. Again, I am always completely pleased with how anything I make out of felt looks when it's finished. The obi is constructed withbrocade and some interfacing...The "lettuce" is felt with flimsy green organza top stitched on in the likeness of lettuce leaves. She put chopsticks in her hair and looked AMAHZING!!

I hope this helps get some creative juices flowing...and just think, it's only for ONE night/ONE party/ONE time. It doesn't have to be constructed perfectly. Use everyday, mundane objects and you never know what you'll end up with!


  1. These are great pics of your costumes. I remember when Bridget forwarded me the 'cake girl' picture. I knew immediately what it was (being a HUGE 'Singing in the Rain' fan) and she was so impressed. It's so great you have those crazy friends to do that stuff with. Don't ever grow up Peter Pan you're having way too much fun!

  2. seriously...sushi. it was awesome and Dora. I was dead on.

  3. Great pics and costumes! That lettuce and Elvis Presley costumes are so awesome! you guys rock!
    I also feature some DIY halloween costumes. Feel free to check out my post featuring homemade halloween costumes too for more ideas and costume options. I hope they may help :)

    Happy Halloween!
    Homemade Halloween Costumes