Monday, October 6, 2008

When Keeping It Crafty Goes Wrong

I am a Coat-A-Holic. Which, in my head, meant I should try my crafty hand at sewing one.

I had it completely figured out. I found fabric at the store the other day and thought, wow...that stuff is AMAHZING but what would I ever use it for? On the way home I thought, YES! It would be a coat! Perfect! So I researched patterns and found the perfect one(Butterick B4665)...and magically, the pattern was on sale for $1.99. This HAD to be karma and divine intervention from the powers that be. On a side note, the pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

My problem came with the fabric. Again, I knew what I wanted but I failed to check the price tag. The dream fabric could be all mine for $25.99 a yard. I needed 4 yards and thought: for $100 and hours of labor I could make a trip to Tyson's and buy a coat.

So instead, I spent 2 hours in the fabric store deciding on an alternative. I knew I wanted it to follow my "PrepClectic" sense of style: One that has about a 3 in 5 chance of going horribly, horribly wrong. Not great odds in my closet.

So I picked a houndstooth-esque print. My fiance is a Bama alum and HUGE fan...I thought it would be just perfect. I wanted it to be light blue with red buttons and a red lining (it's my favorite color palette right now...I blame Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and this dress.....drool.)

I'm in line for the cutting table, two elderly ladies behind me started just gushing over the bolt like it was their first grandchild. That should have been a clue. So I got home, cut it out and constructed the outside and holy's ugly. I mean looks like I stole it off a bag lady kind of ugly. I didn't even have the heart to put the lining in! It turns out the "light blue" is definitely seafoam green against the cream background. So with the red it gives the effect of a Christmas elf booted from the North Pole because it wanted to make fashion not toys.

I do however want to salvage the project. I bought some cool brown zebra print thinking it would make a good perhaps I can pair that with something a little less Dorothy Gale on the Crack Brick Road.


At least it's keeping Taco warm....bad taste kitty! Bad taste!

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