Monday, November 24, 2008


It's been too long. I have not been posting because I have not been crafting which is very sad. Why? I'm a total slacker...and because of this, I'm excellent at coming up with excuses why I haven't done jack. I thought I would make a list:

1. My fiance's schedule has changed which has completely thrown me for a loop. He's now home the same times I am and I can't help it...I'm a total sucker for that man.

2. After the "Baby-Palooza Craft-a-thon" I have outfitted my new niece Darcy with bibs, booties, a lovely Little Bo Peep doll (her room is sheep themed and I thought she could use some help keeping them in check), a turkey dress, 101 onezies, burp cloths and a tutu. I'm pooped and in need of alternative inspiration. Chad suggested college football (Roll Tide) but for some reason a hounds tooth ball coozie doesn't seem very practical.

2. I was kidnapped by wolves. Thank goodness they spared me my thumbs. Go ahead and laugh, but just try to thread a needle without 'em.

3. Halloween 2008 = Sad Face. Our annual party had to be cancelled with the promise of a 2009 return. Until then, all of my ridiculous costume ideas are filed in the part of my brain that resembles a Broadway show on acid.

4. The cats ate my crafting. Stupid Kitties.

5. Work. I work because I think I would hate crafting if I tried to make it a living out of it. I admit, I need to keep my day job.

6. "The Dress." I ordered my wedding dress back in May. From May until September I anxiously awaited it's arrival (I ordered from a picture so I didn't actually see the dress in person). What I didn't realize was all that angst + new job + new house was manifesting itself in the size of my ass. September the dress was here with no intention of fitting around the extra 15lbs. So I joined a gym and have been working hard....I can't say enough good things about Curves for those of us challenged by the concept of gym equipment. 2 months later, the dress fits. It's not cute by any means and I could literally drown in my own cleavage, but I have some time. Go me.

7. I had salmonella and SARS (aka a stomach virus and cold that I diagnosed myself! Thank you WebMD).

8. I have always liked football, I just never had a team to root for. I have been adopted by the SEC and I have to say I look super cute in Crimson (see #1).

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  1. Well, Darcy is growing like a weed, so get some spring fabrics and 6 month old sized patterns Auntie Meggie! :)