Thursday, December 18, 2008


The latest and greatest...I needed a break from the linen sampler. This is what I came up with:

It's a (reusable) grocery tote that I've been meaning to make for a long time. But today, I thought of a great slogan (I'm not the first to think up said slogan, so technically, that's recycling) and then designed something to hand embroider. And all the materials came from my stash (reducing)! HA! Take that three R's.
I used muslin and a heavy weight interfacing to give it some shape. The inside and straps are the same green cotton eyelet I fell in love with over the summer and hadn't gotten around to using. I just think that the satin stitching on the leaves turned out really well. Hooray for a productive evening!
***Side note: Now that our "Fred Friends" $10 dixie swap is over, I can say that this is what I made it for. I added in a 6pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager so the men in the group would want it too! I can't help but think that with a $10 limit, what is better than craftiness and beer (except for the iTunes gift certificate that was "stolen" at least 5 times).


  1. Lovely tote! Great slogan too! Can wait to see the next in the series.

  2. You crafty little woman! All your posts are about making stuff, go you go! and the stuff looks great