Thursday, December 4, 2008

Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

I'm the same as a lot of people this year: a giant retail induced Christmas is just not possible. Chad and I made the decision a month ago to forgo the traditional pile 'o loot under the tree to focus our resources elsewhere. We've coined the term "A Very Little Christmas" in which we only use the decor we already have, make small tokens of appreciation for the ones we love and plan to spend Christmas day enjoying each others company.

So play along for a minute while I share an idea. One of my coworkers came up with a "Cookie Exchange" that has become an office tradition. Everyone bakes cookies, brings a to-go box and we exchange. Simple, yes. Brilliant, definitely. Budget friendly? Absolutely!
I also thought this is a great idea if you have a large group of friends and family. Think about hosting a Cookie Exchange and providing cute little to go bags as favors, playing Christmas music, maybe having a little eggnog and placing the event close enough to the 25th so everyone leaves with snacks for their holiday guests. There could even be a score card rating for each cookie with a small prize for the winner! If you're looking for a cheap solution, stay baking related and give out a cookie cutter.

Now to the fun part: Making invitations! Emails and Evites are nice, but there is something about attention to detail that people love. I used Microsoft Publisher (my favorite computer program EVER) and Voila! A little token to hang on people's doors to get them in the spirit. If I was doing this for friends, I would have used felt to make the cookie and attached a cute print out with a safety pin. But for office use, I thought this was perfect.
Check out it out!

I am really starting to love the idea of doing a "Very Little Christmas". After we made the decision, I felt so much better. Like I can really enjoy this time of year without the "buy something!" stress that commercial giants put on us. When it really comes down to it, do any of us really need the STUFF? I think most will answer's the people we know and love that make the holidays special. My Christmas will be small in scale and big in meaning.

Stay Tuned for more "Very Little Christmas" ideas!

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