Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Linen and Me: A One Act Play

If you'll recall...I wanted to try a stitching project using linen instead of Aida. The following is a recap:

Meghan: #$#@#!! WHERE ARE THE SQUARES!!!??!!?
Chad: What are you talking about?
Meghan: The #%&^$* squares that everyone said I would "see" after a few stitches.
(Chad looks up from his carnage infused video game at Meghan like she has lost her mind while she dramatically rips out stitches)
Meghan: @#)$(#$(* it.
::Later that Evening::
Meghan: What if I did a row of half X's and then doubled back to finish them...would that be easier? Yeah...that could work.
(Chad doesn't look up from his video game because he knows what's about to happen)
::Minutes Later::
Meghan: %#*@)* I'm going to bed.

I did try again and after a few nights of working I'm ADDICTED. It's a slow process but I'm improving and by gum if it isn't about 1000 times prettier than stitching on Aida. If you need help "seeing" the squares or figuring out a technique that works, check out this helped me a lot.
And don't forget, cursing loudly makes you feel better and really infuses your piece with love and positivity. @@#$#%!


  1. Looks great so far, I'll be checking back to see how it's coming along!

  2. Wow, stitching on linen is so difficult, I remember and feel for you. I never ended up seeing the squares, no matter how many times I stitched on linen. Good luck with your project and thanks for commenting on Feeling Stitchy! :)

  3. Hi! I'm just coming over from Feeling Stitchy. Your blog is cute!

    I've never tried stitching on linen, but it looks like it will be pretty! Good luck! : )