Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Very Little Christmas: Go Nuts!

When I told Chad I was making soap for Christmas gifts, he caught the DIY Fever! We found a recipe (his grandparents) for candied pecans and his mother (THANK YOU KATHY!) sent us 10lbs of fresh pecans from his aunt's pecan tree in Alabama.

Let me say that I hate nuts. I think that nuts should stand trial for the corruption of innocent baked goods. But that's because I've never had a fresh pecan coated in holiday cheer and sugary deliciousness. And super cute in a mason jar tied with a ribbon. The project was a success!

So, my dear readers...think outside the box when sending Christmas gifts. We may not all have the hook up for fresh and delicious pecans, but check your local farmer's markets. Or even better, find a family recipe that you remember from your past. Chad and I spent a delightful Sunday together creating something that was meaningful and representative of him, his family and his background. And they're darn delicious too!

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