Monday, March 30, 2009

Impulse Inspiration

After enjoying the vibrant colors and beauty of the Mexican culture, I came home thinking that our living room needed a little more pop (that's right...I came home wanting to redecorate and not pondering the economic woes, poverty and crime of Mexico as a nation...I am, after all, not my brother).

Currently, most of the accessories are a sunny yellow and bright green while the walls are olive/hazel. I love this combination, but at the same time, I think it needed a more vibrant, warm color added into the mix.

I went to the fabric store for the first time in months to get some ribbon for another project. In general, me going to the fabric store for one item is very dangerous as sending me into DSW with instructions to only buy one pair of socks.

I found my ribbon but thought I would take a peak in the decorator section just to see if I could get a few samples to take home. I mean, come on....I was just going to look. And of course, I fell in love. I took a swatch, happy with only that until I saw the price tag: at $6 a yard, I was almost sold but though it could wait. But then I saw the 50% off sign...

$3 per yard later (it was birthday money from my Grandma Jean...she rules), I was making curtains quickly before Chad got home from work. I figured once they were hanging, he couldn't put up too much of a fight. Then I made three great big pillows for the couch/floor. After I add some art (we need something huge for that one wall and art can be so expensive)...voila, Living Room Makeover complete.

For a quick curtain tutorial, call my mother. Well at least that's what I did. It's super basic but the brilliant trick I learned from her was to cut the lining several inches narrower than the curtain panel. You will still sew right sides together matching the edges of fabric on either side. Iron them flat and on the back, you have the most beautiful seams and's brilliant and also a cool technique I'm going to try on the next blanket I attempt.

I'm very pleased with the outcome and the giant pillows are so comfy and perfect for the couch/floor. I think because I was focused on wedding for so long, all of my "shelved" ideas can finally be executed! I know some brides get a little sad post wedding but I am incredibly happy to reclaim my life (and all the projects I've been dying to do)....cheers to crafty days ahead!

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