Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweetie Darlings

Sometimes dolls are creepy. But I think the simple sweetness of her expression keeps the creepiness at bay. Hence the name (and famous quote...name that Brit television program...)

These are for the flower girls and the latest and greatest attempt and perfecting my "Sweetie Darlings" that will eventually be available on Etsy. That's an "after wedding" project! My latest improvement is using a better hair technique. The yarn was actually sewn into their heads with a tapestry needle after they were stuffed (as opposed to previous models that had the hair glued on...no so condusive to hugging). As a result, they look awesome...I'm slightly proud of myself.

The other totally awesome thing about the Sweetie Darlings is their versatility. I LOVE making them into different "characters". While the "I want a Ballerina" request keeps popping up, I really enjoy crafting their outfits. I wanted these Sweeties to look like they were going to a party.

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