Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chateau Tallulah

Martha Stewart is a genius. And I'm not one to idolize the "Women of Media" in this country....I truely believe that if Oprah, Rachel Ray and Katie Couric were ever in the same room, the world would implode. But if Martha was there, she would find something really pretty to make with the leftover shreds of humanity.

So when I saw this on, I had to try it out. Below is a link for the tutorial and as most things Martha, it looks easier than it is. While the directions were simple, the actual cutting of the boxes, not so much. I found the windows to be tedious and mine looks more like a shanty than the Kitty Dream House pictured.

But I'm not done with it...I think I shall add some Victorian Era paint colors, window boxes and Voila: Painted Kitty. Tallulah seems to like it (we'll see after the catnip wears off)!

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