Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Tote/Guestbook

Another birthday and another fabulous party!! My friend Sarah had her 5th 25th birthday this weekend and celebrated with a giant moonbounce in her backyard! (Never under estimate the power of a moonbounce on "adults." I use the term loosely.)

So as a gift/memento of the occasion, I crafted her a tote bag!
So here's how you do it:
  • Buy a blank tote available at your local craft store. You can also make a tote as I did for my bridesmaids' but actually, I like this a little better (sssshhh, don't tell).
  • Find an appropriate photo by doing my favorite thing: A Google Search! This one popped up and it was perfect for the party beat out a picture of a really creepy guy lounging in a moonbounce (my quote for that was going to be "Who invited him?")
  • Add a quote. I like to use this vintage typewriter font I found and downloaded here.
  • Make a publisher file. I love Microsoft Publisher and could find 8million ways to use it. For this, it's great for arranging your "artwork."
  • Print art onto transfer paper. You can get this at craft/office supply stores. If you're transfering onto dark fabric, be sure to get the paper appropriate for your project. Since this was light fabric, I had to mirror image my art and words (VERY important and spelled out in the directions that will come with your paper.)
  • Finally, use your creativity to add a few little goodies. In this case, the transfer was not a 100% the buttons were not just a cute addition, but also the perfect way to hide my boo boo.
The markers were a happy accident...I found them at Old Navy and they are specifically for writing on tees, totes, jeans, anything fabric related. So everyone signed and now Sarah has a tote and guestbook from the super fun night!
Happy Birthday Sarah!