Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Diaper Cake Tutorial

I often find myself looking at something and thinking: I can do that! And then I try...sometimes it's a total Fail, but most of the time after a little trial and error, it comes out looking quite nice.

You've seen them on websites loaded with goodies, toys, books, blankets, etc. But I found something very interesting and cool about just the diapers, the ribbon and a cute topper. So here it is, a tutorial on this fun and quick project that makes a big impact on a Parent to Be with something he/she will totally need.


123 diapers - Yes, that's a lot...but that's what makes this project so cool!

Rubberbands - 2 LARGE, 2 Regular size, 123 small
Ribbon - Really depends on your could have all the same, each different, but you need at least 2yards.
Presentation Surface - Large platter, something that the layers can be stacked upon.
Topper - Use your imagination because I totally know you have one.

The "How To":

1. Each diaper will need to be rolled individually. To do this, pour yourself a glass of wine, put in a movie you love and have seen so many times you know the scenes in your head and the dialog makes you happy....that's the best kind of background noise!

Start your roll by folding the outerside of the front waistband into the center of the diaper....Then begin rolling ensuring that the leg elastic and velcro side attachments stay folded into the center of the diaper. Use your small rubberbands to hold the rolled diaper together, but do not double the band....remember the Parents to Be will have to unroll these eventually!

2. Once all 123 diapers are rolled, you can begin assembly. Start with the top layer and 7 diapers. Make the shape of a flower (ex. one diaper for the center and six around the outside like petals like below). Secure your first bundle with a regular sized rubberband. This shape will henceforth be called the "Core" and will be repeated for the 3 other layers.

3. For your second layer, make another Core of 7 diapers following the same steps as above and like before, secure with a regular size rubber band. Then continue to place another row of diapers on the outside of the core, tucking each diaper inside the rubberband one at a time. A regular sized band will allow for another row.

4. Repeat step 3, only using a LARGE rubberband and adding another see where this is going?

5. Repeat the same steps for the last cake and add another row! I actually left space for a teddy bear to be tucked technically my cake was only 120 diapers.

6. Tie your ribbons around each layer thus hiding your rubberbands....a little piece of scotch tape on the underside of the bow will keep the ribbon in place.

7. You can get all nuts and stick a dowel rod down the middle to hold the whole thing together, but really, just stacking the layers on top of each other is super cute and gives the desired effect. Another option for attaching the layers to one another is to use safety pins, but be sure to pick it all up from the bottom.

8. Top your cake! I'm still using my imagination to come up with something lovely.
Happy Crafting!

Monday, June 15, 2009

"There are only 2 types of people in this world..."

I like to think of my blog as being a bit like Barefoot Contessa episodes (minus the whole cooking/food thing and the millions she's making in merchandise and book sales)...she always has stories behind her dishes that really, only she finds incredibly interesting and "Jeffrey" her husband is like a pretend person. She's constantly talking about what he loves, funny little anecdotes about their life together, she wrinkles up her nose when his name is mentioned but rarely do you ever actually see him. Sometimes, at the end of an episode, Jeffrey pops onto camera like he's been there the whole time, completely oblivious to the hoopla surrounding his wife.

Like the Barefoot Contessa, I really enjoy being inspired by and making things for my husband. And that's what I did with my latest and greatest craft. And below is my sweet Chadson (my nose is totally wrinkling) playing along with all of my crazy.

So onto the a birthday gift to Chad, I made something I thought he would enjoy. We've been focusing on some good 2 player games and there is no better 2 player game than checkers! And even better than that I made him a fully customized set...

The "how to" is easy but the "that's awesome" factor hinges on the theme you choose. It really should revolve around an archetypical dichotomy (that was for my mother...see, I learned big words in college!) Example, Chad has never been able to decide if he's a Beatles man or an Elvis man. If you're reading this and don't get the reference, there is a link below to a deleted scene from Pulp Fiction. Enjoy!

I will eventually craft a few more featuring other archetypical dichotomies (I really think I made that phrase up...but I love it): Ballerinas vs. Strong Men, Hippies vs. Suits, Goths vs. Preps, Meghans vs. People Who Make Sense, you see where I'm going with this.

The little wooden men are available in craft stores but are hard to find in large quantities. You need 24 men total and 8 large "kings" for a good game of checkers. The best online retailer I found is here. Get some craft paint and create...don't forget to use a good varnish to seal your teams and give them that glossy "we're gonna win" shine!

For a board, use a piece of 12"x12" wood. The men at Home Depot always look at me like I'm nuts when I ask them for crafting supplies, so don't take it personally. The individual game squares are 1.5" and made out of theme appropriate scrapbook paper...I used some matte medium to collage and then sealed the whole thing with varnish. ModgePodge would also work well.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your brush hairs will come loose and leave themselves forever implanted on your gaming surface. Invest 20 cents in some of those craft sponge brushes and you will not be disappointed. Twenty years from now while your children are playing on your totally awesome handmade game, I will still be picking rogue bristles out from under the coating of my board.

Finally, get a bottle of wine, some snacky poos and your sweet love....let the games begin!

Watch the Pulp Fiction Deleted Scene HERE.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations

A good friend and her husband are expecting their very first little one (a Boy!) at the end of the summer and I'm so excited I could burst. Another dear friend and I decided to throw her an afternoon tea/shower as most of her family is out of state...I'm so looking forward it!

Below are the invitations I made...I'm very lucky that my co-hostest has access to free color printing! I used Microsoft Publisher/a vertical postcard design and printed 4 per sheet of cardstock. The belly band is simple cardstock as well, wrapped with a sunny yellow ribbon and held together with a cute red brad. Paper is such a fun medium...I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Discovery of a Great Show

In channel surfing last night, I came across a great series that I was so excited about I almost called into PBS to make a donation!
It was a three part HD(!!!!) documentary filled with crafty goodness called Craft in America. I watched with childlike awe and enthusiasm. Poor Chad had to sit through constant "Oh my, that is amazing!"s and "Holy Crap, did you see that???!!"s.
Every crafter featured was not so much a Crafter, but more an Artist. I guess it's fair to say that in general, all crafters in one way or another are artists...these people were just highly specialized, highly thoughtful and incredibly skilled! The documentary also placed a strong emphasis on those who had learned their craft through their history. There was a segment about a basket maker who has taught her daughter and her granddaughter....three generations of crafters creating.

Below is a picture of beaded tennis shoes just to give you an example of the supreme awesomeness that is this series!!