Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Diaper Cake Tutorial

I often find myself looking at something and thinking: I can do that! And then I try...sometimes it's a total Fail, but most of the time after a little trial and error, it comes out looking quite nice.

You've seen them on websites loaded with goodies, toys, books, blankets, etc. But I found something very interesting and cool about just the diapers, the ribbon and a cute topper. So here it is, a tutorial on this fun and quick project that makes a big impact on a Parent to Be with something he/she will totally need.


123 diapers - Yes, that's a lot...but that's what makes this project so cool!

Rubberbands - 2 LARGE, 2 Regular size, 123 small
Ribbon - Really depends on your could have all the same, each different, but you need at least 2yards.
Presentation Surface - Large platter, something that the layers can be stacked upon.
Topper - Use your imagination because I totally know you have one.

The "How To":

1. Each diaper will need to be rolled individually. To do this, pour yourself a glass of wine, put in a movie you love and have seen so many times you know the scenes in your head and the dialog makes you happy....that's the best kind of background noise!

Start your roll by folding the outerside of the front waistband into the center of the diaper....Then begin rolling ensuring that the leg elastic and velcro side attachments stay folded into the center of the diaper. Use your small rubberbands to hold the rolled diaper together, but do not double the band....remember the Parents to Be will have to unroll these eventually!

2. Once all 123 diapers are rolled, you can begin assembly. Start with the top layer and 7 diapers. Make the shape of a flower (ex. one diaper for the center and six around the outside like petals like below). Secure your first bundle with a regular sized rubberband. This shape will henceforth be called the "Core" and will be repeated for the 3 other layers.

3. For your second layer, make another Core of 7 diapers following the same steps as above and like before, secure with a regular size rubber band. Then continue to place another row of diapers on the outside of the core, tucking each diaper inside the rubberband one at a time. A regular sized band will allow for another row.

4. Repeat step 3, only using a LARGE rubberband and adding another see where this is going?

5. Repeat the same steps for the last cake and add another row! I actually left space for a teddy bear to be tucked technically my cake was only 120 diapers.

6. Tie your ribbons around each layer thus hiding your rubberbands....a little piece of scotch tape on the underside of the bow will keep the ribbon in place.

7. You can get all nuts and stick a dowel rod down the middle to hold the whole thing together, but really, just stacking the layers on top of each other is super cute and gives the desired effect. Another option for attaching the layers to one another is to use safety pins, but be sure to pick it all up from the bottom.

8. Top your cake! I'm still using my imagination to come up with something lovely.
Happy Crafting!

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