Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Discovery of a Great Show

In channel surfing last night, I came across a great series that I was so excited about I almost called into PBS to make a donation!
It was a three part HD(!!!!) documentary filled with crafty goodness called Craft in America. I watched with childlike awe and enthusiasm. Poor Chad had to sit through constant "Oh my, that is amazing!"s and "Holy Crap, did you see that???!!"s.
Every crafter featured was not so much a Crafter, but more an Artist. I guess it's fair to say that in general, all crafters in one way or another are artists...these people were just highly specialized, highly thoughtful and incredibly skilled! The documentary also placed a strong emphasis on those who had learned their craft through their history. There was a segment about a basket maker who has taught her daughter and her granddaughter....three generations of crafters creating.

Below is a picture of beaded tennis shoes just to give you an example of the supreme awesomeness that is this series!!

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