Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweetie Darling: Zoo-tastic!

For a friend's baby shower (she's having a girl) I got the perfect excuse to make another Sweetie Darling! The baby's room is already put together and very, very cute...and full of zoo animals.

So I thought to help out with all of those animals, Baby will need a Zoo Keeper!
Now I realize this is not a true baby gift, however I like the idea of a few special things that can grow up with the little while she can't play with it now, in a few years, this Sweetie has been made to withstand some serious kid love. This is the first I've made with flannel as the body and I love how it worked. Not only is she soft, but she's also more durable than the previous muslin models.
It was so very nice to branch out of my normal girly girlness and try something a little different...I think she turned out quite well.

The monkey is made out of felt, everything else is different kinds of cotton I had in my stash. The outfit is a little skirt and long jacket complete with pockets and embroidery. And I LOVE the boots...I tried to make them have a little tread on the bottom so they'd look more like hiking boots and not just random polka dot moon boots. Because that would just be silly.
I am reenergized to do some more and see how they go on my etsy site....stay tuned!


  1. i want one. I am ordering one for my trunk

  2. I second that. Gimme a monkey girl. Oh, and I guess Darcy will need one of her own, cause that one will be MINE.