Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Hands are Happy Hands

After going Etsytastic for the past month or so, I am completely burned out and the sight of my sewing machine makes me itch.

Thankfully, like in Mary Poppins, the winds have changed and my favorite of all seasons is upon us. I love fall for its amazing holidays (Halloween is like Christmas for crafters and drag queens alike), there are gourds of all shapes and colors, the fact I can wear my sweaters again (because you know, chubby girls look better in sweaters) and I love football season. I can think of no better Saturday than having the windows open with a lovely breeze and the TV on with game after game. I particuarly enjoy sports because the plot is always simple: someone will win and someone will lose. No love triangles, baby daddies, class hierarchy, eliminations...just a winner and a loser. It is uncomplicated, fall bliss.

I especially love that my husband and I watch football together, but I am not one to veg. Not to say that he's a couch potato, the man can seriously get things done. After the house is clean, chores are completed and he's gotten a bike ride in, he definitely loves a good veg. Me? My hands have to be busy, working, doing, creating. If I'm sitting still I only think of more projects I would, could and should be doing.
So I restarted a project I had attempted wedding sampler. Originally, I was going to complete this project on linen but there was total drama. And that would completely ruin my drama free football season. So I started over using 18ct Aida which is small enough to have the same effect. Stitching Snobs would say differently but why would I subject myself to an annoying craft? Completely not the point.
Above is the design. I am very unimpressed with any hint of country decor, and stitching walks a fine line. I like to think of this as more of a vintage colonial look. However, it's testing my ability to finish a lengthy project. This one is going to take all of football season!

Obviously I've done the date. On either side of the couple will be our names....and the dog will have a head. Eventually :)

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