Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When you become your mother....

I do believe that one of the big difference between men and women is that men always carry a little bit of their mother with them. Women always carry a lot of their mothers in their brain. And right now she's reading this and saying "Uh! Well...you should BE so lucky."

So what does this have to do with the craft du jour? My brother, sister and I were notorious for coming to my mother the day before a school event and saying "Oh mom...by the way, I need a colonial shirt/a pioneer dress/a turkey costume/a pink poodle skirt for tomorrow." And while she would roll her eyes and let us know she was not pleased with the timing of our requests, the next day, we had what we needed. She would hand it over to us, sigh and say "Well it's just going to have to do." And always we would be the best dressed kid in the place. She's pretty magic like that (you should see the curtains she made for my niece's nursery. They are divine. But my niece is the only grandchild and of course, the favorite...she's my favorite too.)

I never picked up on my mom's perfectionist gene, but when Chad asked me to make him an apron for an Associate Appreciation Cookout tomorrow (guess who's manning the grill...), the part of my brain that is my mother snapped into action. Voila!

While I didn't have many fabric choices, Chad picked this one. It's an outdoor fabric, so it has good shape and will clean up easily. Especially important when you're cooking hamburgers for 2,000 odd employees.
This is a Butcher Style Apron and is incredibly simple. Click here for a good tutorial I found! Otherwise, if you understand the basic shape, just wing it (like I did). Fold the fabric in half long ways and cut out a rectangle. It should be the size of your chest to how far you want it to wrap around on the side. Then figure out where you want it to stop on the top of your chest and cut a curve to accommodate your arms. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, pull out an old apron, fold it in half longways and use it as a pattern.
To avoid hemming the sides and neck (because I hate hemming soooo much), I decided to back it with a little of the corresponding fabric I had in the ol' stash. So cut the same shape on the fold for the lining. Obviously sew right sides together with the neck loop and back ties sandwiched in the middle of the two fabrics in the appropriate locations. Stitch across the top first, then do the sides. Flip inside out and hem....it's truly that simple. I did top stitch the neckline...it made it look a little more finished.

For added fun, I took an old GEICO tee and backed the graphic with iron on interfacing. Interfacing makes things stiffer and ensures that the fabric won't fray. And like magic, there's a Gecko hanging out on Chadson's apron. Obviously you can get creative with this. I fully intend on recreating this craft and having some fun wit add ons. Think of the possibilities: Pockets, slots for grill tools, pictures, sayings, the list goes on and on.

TA DAH!!!! He's so handsome :)
By the way...if you know me, you're probably getting an apron for Christmas.

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  1. Awesome. I could totally hear Mom's voice in your post. And yes, Darcy's curtains are amazing.

    So is it just me, or does it look like Chad is pants-less in your apron pic? Love the apron, not so sure about the scary pants-less cook. :)