Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sweatshop Makeover: Part 1.

Anyone who crafts understands the constant battle to get and stay organized. I'm usually pretty good at existing within chaos but when I looked around this weekend and realized that I couldn't walk into my craft room let alone finish Chadson's elaborate and totally kick ass Halloween costume, it was time for reform.

Since we've moved in, I've tried numerous configurations for said room and nothing has really worked. My brother calls my crafting space "The Sweatshop" in reference to the fact it always looks as though Martha Stewart ate a fabric store and then did her best Exorcist impression, projectile vomiting flotsam everywhere.

The one thing that HAS worked is my fabric storage solution. The closet in this room has a slanted floor which is ever so practical. So my very handy husband and father installed this lovely Rubbermaid shelving system and voila! A few $2.99 Target crates and on a good day, you can actually FIND fabric. Deeeelightful.
So what prompted this sudden spurt of cleanliness? Well, it was 3 giant plastic tubs of individually wrapped Utz pretzels my office purchased for a fair. Say it with me everyone:

Now I have one for ribbon, one for fabric scraps and one for trims. I plan to track down one more and use it for my sweet little wooden men that will someday become a clever checkers set.
Closet? Check. Scrappy tubs? Check Check. Space for all my books? Darn.

I had another piece of low budget black and silver furniture hanging out in my closet housing years worth of promotional tee shirts. I thought, this piece of crap furniture has a higher calling! Presto: I have a crafty reading nook and the perfect spot to do a little stitching. I need to upgrade the chair but I also need to paint the room...all in good time. The plan is to have it be a lovely steel like grey with sunny yellow accents and a pretty ikea chandelier.
And now my sewing table isn't quite so cluttered. All I need is a shelf in the middle to hold numerous mason jars full of colorful buttons, glue on rhinestones, beads, pearls and anything else that needs a home.
Presto Chang-o....and Eat that Martha!

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