Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Months and LOTS of Etsy Sales!!

Oh hello blog. Nice to see's been too long. How am I? Well fantastic, thank you for asking! Where have I been the past three months? Well I'll tell you...

October: Halloween. What a fun fun night! Chad and I (in our homemade costumes) visited Arlington where we caught up with some incredibly creative friends. My costume is below...I went as Flo from the Progressive Commercials which gave me the perfect excuse to buy a BumpIt...because let's face it. Everyone needs a BumpIt whether they claim to or not. Don't be a hater...BumpIt!

Next to me is my good friend Chelle who went as the Autumn Solstice. Soooo clever and super cute. My other good friend Alina went as Old School Batman. Her POW sign is a purse....Genius!!

November: As tradition, my family, the Archibalds spent Thankgiving together with the exception of my brother who is still serving in the Peace Corps in Cameroon. So everyone came to us for the holiday celebration. And of course what Thanksgiving would be complete without Darcy having a Turkey dress! This year I made a simple pinafore out of a super soft pinwhale corduroy. The Turkey was backed with a light iron on interfacing and handstitched on the front. The pinafore is designed to be double sided with side ties. I must say, it turned out rather darling but then again, it's hard to make Darcy look anything but adorable.

And no Berney Thanksgiving could be without a fantastic fried cajun turkey. Chad made this Berney family recipe for my family the first Thanksgiving we were dating. It was then and there he was welcomed into the Archibald family with open arms and full/happy tummies!

December: LOTS of Etsy Sales! Which is such an accomplisment in my mind. I did several custom orders but was really thrilled when several of my original designs went all over the globe: Austrailia, British Columbia, Cleveland, California. After all that sewing, I'm exhausted!

As for our holiday, no Christmas tree this year because we were traveling all over the place. However this is the tree at the breathtaking Jefferson Hotel in Richmond where we spent the weekend. So I guess technically, this WAS our Christmas tree!

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!

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