Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...and Leaving you with FAB Kiwi Shops!

We are flying south for the winter to the land of my ancestors....New Zealand!! That's right folks...I'm a Kiwi Half Breed. Chad and I are so excited to go and I thought I would leave you with a little shopping inspiration while I was gone.

One of my very favorite ways to shop Etsy is to search by location. That is how I came across these lovely Kiwi Sellers with fabulous wares. If you miss me while I'm gone, buy something from them and you'll miss me less. That's right...shop out your feelings!

First I bring you IGottaHaveThat from Auckland. Not only do I love the name (because seriously, I gotta have that...ALL of that!), but the sweet vintage accessories are to die for. This crafter creates origami out of fabric....FABRIC!! I have issues with origami out of paper so for me, this is just too inspired and too cool.

So please, visit her shop and drool...with so many items to choose from, it was so hard to pick just four!

Our next seller comes from Christchurch on the South Island. Her shop Sigmosaic is completely beautiful.

For an Etsy shop to feel like you're walking into a crisp white gallery that is brightened by the colorful art pieces, you have to have talent!

I especially LOVE the mother of pearl items that have such a sense of elegance. Put it on my birthday list please....all of it.

And last, but certainly not least, I have found the COOLEST New Zealand themed slippers! Nothing like getting me into the traveling spirit! These fantastic little guys are made by FunkySlipper who has an Etsy shop and also their own personal little webshop, Crafted in Nelson. Such wonderful little things to look at and love. Possum fur is the softest of the soft...you just have to order and find out for yourself! I want to slip these on for my trip across the big blue ocean!
So I will miss you all but while I'm gone, boost the economy and have a looksie loo at these fabulous crafters.

Happy Etsying and I'll see you in February!

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  1. Hey there Meaghan!! thank you so much for the feature with these gorgeous kiwi sellers :D It's a beautiful post!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time in the north island .. it's blustery and cold here in the south island, i do hope the weather in the north is much kinder!!

    hugs, Kerrin xox