Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weddings are Grand!

I'm BACK! New Zealand really is the bee's knees. You must go sometime.

And the whole reason for the trip was the delightful wedding of my sweet cousin Ali to an equally sweet man.

So the bummer, I'm home and we have endured 3 weeks of hellish, cold and very snowy weather. My car is buried and I'm too lazy to dig it out which means I had the perfect excuse to put the finishing touches on Ali and Tony's wedding gift.

You see, Ali is a Kiwi and Tony is an Aussie. I'm sure the two of them get into it sometimes so I'm thinking that this is the perfect marriage saving solution. Take out your patriotic aggression through a game of checkers.

This gift was going to be a surprise. But true to Meghan Form...I got hammered and spilled the beans. At least if they read this they'll (hopefully) be excited for its arrival.

I love how the board turned out. By happy accident, I ended up choosing paper that had ponga fern like shapes all over it. Meant to be! A little satin medium and voila...checker board.

Team Australia:

All packed up and ready for the long trip over the ocean. Bon Voyage!


  1. I have some serious celos (jealousy) about this one. And I can not believe that you still have that medium!

    (my verification word is cuttie and I couldnt agree with it more)

  2. Oh my goodness that is so cute!! I'm impressed by your talent, though not surprised!