Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Lesson, Full Circle

I remember in elementary school being handed a worksheet with a very basic outline of a house and TONS of directions. The worksheet instructed us to read everything first, then move on to the lengthy list of things to embellish the house outline with.

I, of course, glazed over the directions and onto drawing a fancy tree, a slick car, some flowers (tulips I remember), making the left top window red, putting a cat in the bottom right window, etc. Not only was I dead set on having the BEST house, I was going to have it in the fastest amount of time....Go Me!

The final instruction was "If you've gotten here and your house is in its original state, congratulations: You successfully completed this exercise." Meaning of course, they were serious when they said to read the instructions all the way through before doing anything else.
Meghan Fail.
I always hoped they would give me the same assignment again as the second time around, I would not let it trick me. I would read everything through and by the end of the worksheet, I would have aced it. But we were never asked to try again....but it never came back. However my inability to read directions/descriptions/anything that requires an attention span rivaling that of a goldfish.

I love to order fabric online. Often the prices are unbeatable, especially at, my favorite. And you can get designer fabrics which are to die for, better quality, etc. Also, you don't have to drive to 6 places for 1's all right there at the tip of your fingers. So I got some tulle rolls, some lace, a few odds and ends for upcoming projects including a little red vinyl for a "Seattle Girl" doll I wanted to do. She's going to have a red raincoat. So imagine my suprise when this shows up at my door: is very important to look at the WIDTH measurements of the fabric you're buying. Little did I know the kind of vinyl I was getting...I was thinking rain slicker material in a 45" width. was thinking picnic table covering and wondering why in the world I would only want 1/2 a yard in 108" width. And I got "cotton shirting" which is actually a poly blend. And the blue fabric with sweet little bouquets, is blue fabric with sweet GIANT bouquets. Whoopsie.

I think I can make it all work. After all, how much fun is it to get these kinds of goodies in the mail???!!! As much fun as it is to have the prettiest, most decked out picture of a house in the entire class.
Meghan fail...but a delightful fail.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitty Photo Shoot

I moved my lightbox out of the garage and into the sewing room....and someone decided he wanted me to make him a supermodel.
Good thing he's a it Taco! He was not so happy when I "Auffed" him after I got a few good shots. Silly kitty.

For the Love of Etsy: Something New is Posted!

At the risk of ending up on Regretsy, I posted my newest designs yesterday! There is some pride, some giggles and the breath holding has commenced.

It took a while but I think I finally found their face. Something more abstract helps keep the creepy at bay and I love their little pout. I'm finishing one more and then next is a few "seasonal" ragdolls. They're all cut out and anxiously awaiting being put together! Stay tuned....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the Love of Etsy: Trying Something New

I feel very fortunate to have my Ragdoll Couture dolls be as successful as they have been. It feels good to create and receive positive feedback but at some point, doing the same thing over and over burns me out. I am still actively working on creating new ones and am looking forward to my latest that are forthcoming. But I need something new. Something a little edgier. Something that can be produced more quickly and sell for less.

I have always loved colonial style folk dolls. Little wooden legs that click around and simple painted faces. There is something charming about them and the thought that at one time, little girls had one doll they loved endlessly. I was particuarly inspired by this one I found through the Colonial Williamsburg Site.

So why not use this vintage look and mix it with something more modern? I won't give away all of my ideas but I'm very excited to present my interpretation of moments in fashion history....good, bad, and just wacky.

As a response to a recent Project Craftway challenge, I created this. The body is soft, but painted and then she has wooden arms and legs that make that great little clinking sound. While I don't think every parent is going to "get it" and want an 80's pop star for their children, I truely enjoyed creating her. There is something about the face that needs to be changed...something is not quite right. And so far, I've had mixed reviews...but I think I'm going to forge ahead and try a few more before I give up on this completely.

Better pictures are forthcoming as are a few new fashion icons. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Has it really been a year?!?

My sweet Chadson and I will have been married a year on Sunday and he's kept me smiling ever since. Unbelievable!

We didn't want to do extravagant gifts...because we never do that so I thought getting a little crafty would be good. Paper is the traditional 1st Anniversary gift and I want to try to stick to that tradition. And you know how I love a good paper craft! And for this one, I got to buy my new favorite toy...a Martha Stewart edge punch.'s just so damn girly, I LOVE it.

My sister made us the most beautiful shadow box with our invitation, pictures and keepsakes of the day. However I realized we had nothing with our vows written out. Being the sentimental sap I am, I thought it might be nice to have those framed somewhere so we can always remember exactly what we promised each other.

I found a frame, picked out some corresponding paper and typed up our vows with a lovely script I found on For the center panel, I typed the poem that was read....I'm really quite pleased with the way the whole project turned out. I'm sure for future anniversaries we'll be able to do more, but for our first, I give myself a pat on the back. Not exactly what every man dreams of, but it's the thought, right?

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Farewell to my Roaring Twenties - Party Crafts

On March 5th, I turned 29 and in honor of my very last year of twentysomething ridculousness, I celebrated.

We had a twenties themed party which was so much fun! I'm very lucky to be surrounded by not only good people, but people willing to play along with my craziness. But best of all, there was opportunity for craftiness!

First is the costume. Everyone needs a flapper dress.

My favorite part was the base of the skirt and all those ruffles! I cut squares of sheer fabric and pinned my life away. The one running stitch around the skirt per tier and voila....a skirt with MOVEMENT.

For party favors I bought little airplane gin bottles and relabeled them. This is a PERFECT give away for any (adult) event. Simply customize to your theme. For example, if you're having a Kentucky Derby Party, bourbon and a clever name...done and done!

I just took off the original label, measured the space and created a pages document on my mac. The same could be done in a publisher document. Any office supply store will carry full sheets of label paper so get out the old paper cutter. Pardon the wibbly picture. There was much merriment in liquid form that night.

What am I going to do for my 30th? I am currently entertaining any and all suggestions!