Friday, March 12, 2010

A Farewell to my Roaring Twenties - Party Crafts

On March 5th, I turned 29 and in honor of my very last year of twentysomething ridculousness, I celebrated.

We had a twenties themed party which was so much fun! I'm very lucky to be surrounded by not only good people, but people willing to play along with my craziness. But best of all, there was opportunity for craftiness!

First is the costume. Everyone needs a flapper dress.

My favorite part was the base of the skirt and all those ruffles! I cut squares of sheer fabric and pinned my life away. The one running stitch around the skirt per tier and voila....a skirt with MOVEMENT.

For party favors I bought little airplane gin bottles and relabeled them. This is a PERFECT give away for any (adult) event. Simply customize to your theme. For example, if you're having a Kentucky Derby Party, bourbon and a clever name...done and done!

I just took off the original label, measured the space and created a pages document on my mac. The same could be done in a publisher document. Any office supply store will carry full sheets of label paper so get out the old paper cutter. Pardon the wibbly picture. There was much merriment in liquid form that night.

What am I going to do for my 30th? I am currently entertaining any and all suggestions!

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