Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the Love of Etsy: Trying Something New

I feel very fortunate to have my Ragdoll Couture dolls be as successful as they have been. It feels good to create and receive positive feedback but at some point, doing the same thing over and over burns me out. I am still actively working on creating new ones and am looking forward to my latest that are forthcoming. But I need something new. Something a little edgier. Something that can be produced more quickly and sell for less.

I have always loved colonial style folk dolls. Little wooden legs that click around and simple painted faces. There is something charming about them and the thought that at one time, little girls had one doll they loved endlessly. I was particuarly inspired by this one I found through the Colonial Williamsburg Site.

So why not use this vintage look and mix it with something more modern? I won't give away all of my ideas but I'm very excited to present my interpretation of moments in fashion history....good, bad, and just wacky.

As a response to a recent Project Craftway challenge, I created this. The body is soft, but painted and then she has wooden arms and legs that make that great little clinking sound. While I don't think every parent is going to "get it" and want an 80's pop star for their children, I truely enjoyed creating her. There is something about the face that needs to be changed...something is not quite right. And so far, I've had mixed reviews...but I think I'm going to forge ahead and try a few more before I give up on this completely.

Better pictures are forthcoming as are a few new fashion icons. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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  1. Hey Meghan!
    I saw a link to your blog on my sister's profile. It's great! Your dolls are amazing and I have really enjoyed reading about your positive etsy experience. I've been "thinking" about taking the leap for so long...glad to know it was worth it for you! Your dolls are precious. You are very talented.
    Hope you are well!
    Katherine Campbell