Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures in Screen Printing

I have always wanted to screen print...but the process seemed messy and the supplies seemed to take up a lot of space. Not to mention, the kits out there are pretty overwhelming for someone who has never done this before. And at the risk of not breaking my husband (he's VERY tolerant of my craftiness and I don't want to push it), I never insisted on starting. So when I read about the Yudu I jumped at the chance to own this all in one, self contained, "easy" screen printing unit. And Chad was sold as he has been wanting to create lot shirts for upcoming Phish shows.

When it arrived at my front door in the most gianormous box, it was like Christmas. I was so excited that I forwent my planned evening activity of watching "Coco Before Chanel" (Chad was out of town that night) and instead I hauled the massive box up the stairs and started to play (that's what she said).

My "test project" was a pair of Alice in Wonderland pillows which came out quite perfectly. All I need to do is stitch it up and stuff....Combining the screen printing capabilities with sewing projects will be nothing short of crafty heaven.

The biggest challenge was finding a place for it all to go. A place where I could spread out and not fret about messing up carpet, making a giant mess and in general, being me...didn't Weezer say something about the garage? So one Saturday we cleaned it out and voila....the makings of a totally kick ass screen printing studio.

The tees I attempted for my second project...epic fail. I think that the ink Yudu sent me was too thick and so the flooding of the screen didn't work out which is odd considering the black ink was no problem at all. I'm going to use Speedball Inks from now on and get the emulsion sheets from Dharma Trading as they are MUCH less expensive. And after a few attempts, I got it down.

On the whole, I am so thrilled with my new toy. I look forward to improving my technique and hopefully expanding my crafty goodness into a new Etsy shop: Sour March. But first, I have to make sure Chad gets a turn.

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