Sunday, August 15, 2010

A rip in our bedspread leads to this....

Sigh....our quilt ripped and can no longer be laundered. For some reason whatever is inside has been systematically spewing out into our dryer and under the heat, melding into little chunks of plastic. I hereby deemed the quilt unsafe.

But never fear! This is the perfect opportunity to use our $25 gift card from referring a friend to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond (they really are wonderful there!) to get a much lusted after down comforter. Cozy, cozy, cozy. And then we'll need a duvet cover. And then we'll need to finally get our act together on some sort of headboard. And maybe I'll finally take our mismatched beside tables and paint them a fun shade of blue like I've been meaning to since we moved in together!!

With so many ideas, I find it best to make an idea board. Just save pictures online of things you have, things you want, put the background square up as the same paint color and voila....idea board. I did this for my wedding as well and it truly helps get your visions out and in line. I'm a visual person after all. Use Microsoft Publisher or Pages if you have a Mac...then select all the individual pieces, group and save as a JPEG. Easy as that!

I'll post more pictures as these dreams come to life but for now, you'll have to deal with just the ideas....

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  1. LOVE your choices! I'm about to start a bedroom redo, too. When we bought our house, the master bedroom trim and doors were all painted a ridiculously ugly not quite brown/green/gray. I actually found bedding with a tiny bit of the color in it, but have since switched bedding and not painted that trim. Now I'm switching bedding AGAIN, and enough is enough! I haven't done an idea board, but I do love being about to see the elements of your future room all in one place. Clever girl!