Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adventures in Veganism: DIY Fruit Sorbet

I need to be clear....I have no intention of turning this into a food blog, mainly because I'm hopeless in the kitchen.  But in the past few months, I've been feeling quite inspired, so when I find a simple, brilliant little recipe, I feel obligated to share.

My husband and I did some research on ways to improve our health and diet and stop feeling awful.  So after joining a gym, becoming more active and doing some reading, we took a step that some may see as drastic.  For the past four months, we have been vegan.  No meat, no cheese, no eggs, no dairy.  To be honest, the difference in both of us is way beyond being just visible.  We feel amazing and I don't really miss meat, cheese or dairy considering how much better I feel without it.

Eating is a very personal thing and this post is in no way trying to preach or convert.  I don't think that eating animal products is wrong, I just think that for me, choosing not to eat them has been quite beneficial.  Along with the animal products, we've ditched soda pop, caffeine and most sugars.  Don't get crazy, I still have weak moments and snarf down the occasional treat.  But it's given me a sense of control and understanding of the "you are what you eat" theory I never would have gained otherwise.

The other night I was really wanting something cold, frozen and not ice cream so I searched our freezer and found a bag of mixed berries.  I added some agave nectar which is a wonderful, natural sweetner found in most natural food aisles and some juice (100%, no sugar added).  A few minutes of pulsing in the food processor and I had myself a delicious frozen sorbet.

Today, I tried out some different flavors with super successful results.  I give you Tipsy Pineango Sorbet.  Ingredients:  Bag of Frozen Pineapple, Bag of Frozen Mangos, Champagne and agave nectar.

I put the frozen fruit in the food processor first, then added a bit of each liquid.  You will know when it's pulsing if the mixture is too dry.  Too much liquid and you'll have tipsy fruit soup.  Pulse until almost smooth but still firm....we're not making smoothies (although you easily could).  Taste a bit to ensure it's not too tart and if it is, you'll need some more agave.  After it's blended, transfer to tupperware and freeze for a bit before serving...the picture below should give you an idea of the consistency.
It really is completely yummy and can't wait to try out some more combinations.  Here are some other suggestions:
  • Frozen Blueberries and lemonade.  Those two go so well together!
  • Frozen Peaches and Champagne....I'm a bit of a lush.
  • Frozen Cherries and a touch of vanilla.
  • Frozen Strawberries and fresh kiwis with limeaide.
Leave a comment with any other brilliant combinations you come up with...enjoy!

**I will say that I used raspberries the first time and it came out WAY too seedy.  I'm not quite sure how to fix/avoid that yet, but will post a solution if I find one.


  1. Raspberries and Blackberries make amazing sorbet flavors, but you have to strain the seeds out. A chinois or some cleverly folded cheesecloth does the trick, but it takes a while. Your combos sound yummy without all that fuss. ;)

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