Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIY King Headboard Happiness

Whew...all that whining from the last post makes me want to show something productive!!

Ever priced out a king sized headboard?  Well they're bloody expensive and without one, our room (complete with new Pottery Barn duvet and Fisherman Knit Shams) was just looking sad.

My original solution was inventive but perhaps not 100% realistic.  I do enjoy some good trial and error however.  I had ordered three 18x24" artist canvases from the amazing DickBlick.com (and no, I don't work for them although I've been pushing their merchandise for the past 2 posts) and thought, I'll just cover each and mount them on the wall.  I figured it would be lightweight, still look good and be less hassle than other DIY counterparts that consist of huge pieces of wood and 2x4s for mounting.  Chad was not sold on the whole art canvas idea and after a snafu with a shorted fabric order (they sent me 1 yd instead of 2 and promptly ran out so one of the canvases had a giant seam in the middle), my simple idea was looking like a craft FAIL.  But I forged on and put them up on the wall with thumbtacks so every time Chad bumped his head one would fall on his face.  Funny at 11pm.  Not so funny at 4am.  That man's patience with me is beyond normal.

My handy husband did this instead....12 little metal joiners (you can find them in the hinge section of Home Depot.  Just ignore the "you're a lunatic" looks from the men folk working there when you ask them for such an item and explain what you're trying to do) and poof!  Three 18x24" artist canvases have become one 18x72" artist canvas perfect for a king size bed without weighing a million pounds.

What next?  Spray adhesive and some batting.  I would chose a higher loft batting if I did it again.  I like the end result (I "tufted" it with buttons) but think it would have been even more perfect if I had gotten fluffier batting.  I bought a crib size and joined it together so it would cover the length of the headboard.  Just slice in half longways and layer over itself to make the cut.  That way when you put them side by side, they line up evenly....like you would cut some sod for the lawn.  Thank you HGTV for that little tidbit of brilliance.

Get out your handy dandy staple gun and cover with fabric.  I cannot recommend a NON one way design enough...especially one with built in lines.  I'm rather in love with this trelis ee, double wedding ring ish, chocolate pick I found at Hancock for $4 a yard.  That's right...never buy full price...that's just silliness.  So if you need to cover a 72" surface and the fabric is 54" wide, you need a yard and a half.  I would buy 2 just to give yourself a little room to screw up.  If you have a one way design chosen, you'll need to do some seams (so three pieces measuring 18x18", 18x36" and another 18x18" plus seam allowances and a couple of inches for wrapping on the top and bottom). Happy Stapling!

For the tufted look, I got some buttons and sewed them individually through the canvas using upholstery thread and a gianormous needle. Be careful...if you pull too tight or make your stitches on the back side too close together, the canvas will rip underneath and the button won't be attached to anything but fabric and batting.  I managed to fix that after it happened once or twice.  Also, some of the buttons ended up needing to be sewn over the wooden braces of the canvas.  Luckily, the canvas isn't attached except at the sides, so I could pull it away and weasle the needle out from under the wood.

Handy husband to the rescue again!  After diy headboard 1.0 was mounted with thumb tacks he insisted on "doing it right" with diy headboard 2.0.  So he attached picture hangers and the rest is cute bedroom history.

Ta Daaaaa!!!!!

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  1. Thank you! You've made this project very approachable.I love the button tufting.