Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We LOVE Wednesday: The Original

Wednesday seems to be everyone's least favorite day of the week.  The weekend still feels AGES away while last weekend went by so fast you're still trying to catch up on everything you didn't get done.  Wednesday just has middle child syndrome (and that's coming from a middle child).

So, I think Wednesday needs some better PR.  Maybe Wednesday can be about embracing the things that we're happy about.  Maybe Wednesday can be called We LOVE Wednesday....nothing like a little positivity, right?

I have decided that Wednesday is a perfect day to showcase some things I LOVE.  This can be anything, anything at all that I'm currently happy about or drooling over or just LOVE.

First, let's start with the shoes I'm wearing...the Blowfish Beacher Booties.  I JUST got them from Zappos yesterday and no one can deny that their customer service is unrivaled.  Ooooo, they make me so happy!
Today, Chad got new glasses!  And we all KNOW how I feel about him...and that he emailed me a picture of him happily driving to work in them.  He makes my days.
I have been droooling over this Etsy Shop for quite some time.  Untamed Menagerie is the place to go for unique and utterly dramatic statement pieces.  I try to always be original so naturally, I'm obsessed.  This piece is my ultimate favorite.

Don't you love it when you remember something random?  A few days ago I remembered the movie Hans Christian Andersen with Danny Kaye and could not get it out of my brain.  DVD copies are like $60 so I'll have to deal with just the YouTube snippets for now.

Next week is Valentines Day!!  So hop over to the Paper Source Blog and learn how to make recycled Origami Valentines!

A coworker of mine let me paint my nails with this fantastic polish.  It's amazing and the lovliest shade of nude!  Sally Hansen's Cafe au Lait is available at most drug stores.

And finally....the happiest news I have read in a loooong time.  My wish to rid the world of phonebooks may become a reality.  That article along with this picutre has me feeling like the weekend is right around the corner.

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