Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We LOVE Wednesday: Vintage Vegan Vulgarity

Oooo, I've been so excited about doing this post.  Imagine that...being excited about a Wednesday!  So here it goes, some more good PR for the least favorite day of the week.

Every Wednesday needs to start out with some Etsy love!!  I have personal attachment to this week's shop.  One of my favorite people in the world is engaged and has been searching endlessly through a sea of bridal cliches hoping to find a wedding gown that suits her unique style.  It has not been easy and she's been looking for months.  To make it worse, very few bridal consultants/sales people have understood her need for something different.

Magically, the unicorn of wedding gowns appeared yesterday.  So today we send some major LOVE to Hinterland Vintage!!!  Besides having the perfect dress for one of my bestest buddies, Hinterland Vintage is home to a plethora of loveliness...hats, shoes, dresses.  All adorable pieces that are not just vintage, but fantastic additions to any modern wardrobe.  I was also completely thrilled to find that this shop owner takes a great deal of pride in what she sells....Hinterland Vintage has noted a piece's flaws (if any) but has also taken the time to fix many of them while still preserving the integrity of the garment.  After all, how annoying is it to pay for vintage and find that the buttons are falling off? So in my book, Hinterland deserves some serious kudos.  And besides the fantastic photography, I just love this hat...beyond cute.  I cannot wait to place an order and hope you will do the same!  Also, check out her blog.

I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's husband and I did.  When making plans we knew we didn't want to cook, but the Vegan options in the Fred are limited.  We wanted delicious and for anyone in the Fredericksburg area, I hightly recommend Smryna Mediterranean Market and Cafe.  They have delicious  and healthy dishes and the best part, there are SO MANY different vegetarian and vegan options.  And don't fret if you're more of a mainstream eater...there are pages of yumminess to choose from while dining in or carrying out.  We carried out and had ourselves a romantic "living room picnic."

After watching the Grammy's Sunday night, I'm more in love than ever with Cee-Lo Green.  His performance with Gwen, but more importantly, the Muppets, had me dancing in front of the TV.  (Btw, the new Muppet movie is set to be in theatres on November 23rd....but that's another We LOVE Wednesday post all together).  And how about that outfit??  Sigh...the weekend feels closer already!

It's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York! Of course, the designers are currently showcasing Fall Fashions but I've been thinking spring and been drooling over the fresh designs that rolled out in September. Anna Sui is one of my absolute favorites and thought I would share a fantastic look from her Spring pretty and feminine. I just love the flow and am getting very excited to see this style trickle down to the racks I usually shop. Thanks Phil for making spring and spring style happen for me sooner!!

And while we're on the subject of spring, how great is this bright and sunny oil cloth lunchbag that Martha shows us how to make? I see a weekend project in my future!!!

So happy Wednesday....I hope it's a good one!!

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