Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yudu Cardshop Blank Screens!

If they're going to run out, I'm gonna make my own.  I just attempted to wash one of the pre-burned screens and it worked!!!

Get some emulsion remover, spray it on and voila...a little patience, a ton of water and some light sponge rubbin' and you have yourself a blank screen!


  1. Now how do you get your own image on the blank screen

  2. Hi Vickie!

    You need emulsion sheets, a transparency and a burning source (a lightbulb, etc). Do some research on youtube about the big yudu to understand the process and then find some more videos about how to take that technique and use it without the big yudu. is also a good reference for screen printing information....that's all this technique is, just basic screen printing. Hope that helps!!

  3. Omg! that is awesome!!! I never thought of doing that.