Monday, March 21, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting: Twin Bed Refresh

On several occasions, we've found that one guest room is not enough.  So a while back when we moved around some furniture, I decided it was time to make room in the sewing room for the possibility of a visitor.  I priced out some twin beds and just didn't feel that the several hundred dollars was necessary considering every time I looked at the bulletin board at work, someone was trying to unload a twin bed.  Sure enough, a week or two after I had this idea, our friends who moved across the country had a twin bed in need of a home.

The bed was cute and free.  Done and done.  But the sewing room has become the Boca Raton for black furniture.  Chad not being a fan of black MDF (one shelf in particular is from CVS circa 1999), he's been finding reasons to move these pieces into the room he visits the sewing room.  And I'm WAY too uptight to start mixing furniture colors so before the twin bed could retire, it would have to be black....Chadson to the rescue!

After a few coats of paint, I love the result.  My mom handed over to me the white matelasse coverlet and sham and I found that fantastic Cynthia Rowley ruffle blanket at Marshall's for $15.  Add on one of the Sweet March toss pillows and presto....the perfect extra bed for an extra visitor.  Plus, I never considered how fantastic under bed storage could be.  There is an oasis of crafty goodness hiding out!

What's missing in this room:
1.  Wall Art
2.  Curtain Rod and Curtain
3.  Some sort of ceiling mobile over the bed.  I'm working on it....


  1. I will say, spray painting in the wind does three things: 1) wastes paint 2) takes longer 3) drives you nuts

    That is all

  2. thats a nice hat chad has on!