Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pottery Barn-ification of Townes Place

I heart Pottery Barn.  The easy comfort and eclectic style sucks me in every time!  Recently I have begun to not just wish that I had millions so I could buy everything they sell, but instead, when I get the catalog I really look at the rooms, accessories and colors and try to figure out ways to mimic the style.  Meaning, I want to make my house look as Pottery Barn as possible without buying anything from Pottery Barn.

Our bedroom has not had a lot of design attention since we moved in three years ago.  We recently put up our smart DIY king headboard and changed out the duvet (that I did buy from Pottery Barn, but that's more).  Because our walls are so high in this house, wall decor has always been a challenge.  I wanted something over the bed but am uninspired by the typical wall decor at the big box stores that are within our budget.  I feel as though art should be personal and while I'm very drawn to original art, the pieces I can afford tend to be small.  So it was time to get creative and maybe use a lot of the random small pieces I have laying around the house.

I found this picture on the Pottery Barn website:

Notice the interesting collection of artistic odds and ends on the wall via a peg rack.  Hmmm....that looks a) cute and b) cheap.  Two of my favorite things!

Here's what I used:

From Left to Right:
  • Peg Rack:  Purchased at Hobby Lobby for $6.  "Washed" with paint (just acrylic paint watered down so the piece ends up having a shabbier look)
  • Mirror:  Also purchased at Hobby Lobby for half off so $12
  • Gold B: (for Berney!) purchased at Hobby Lobby for $3
  • Small Needlepoint Piece in Frame:  Inherited from my Grandmother Olga.  I really love how dainty it is and I remember she was always stitching something.  She actually taught me to stitch when I was young so that small framed piece is very special to me.
  • Print:  Purchased in Savannah from the coolest art place, A. T. Hun gallery in City Market.  I really loved this artist's collage style and the interesting vintage images she uses but have yet to spend more money to have it framed.
  • Silver Ornament:  This was a gift from my niece Darcy at my bridal shower.  It's really lovely and I hate to only have it out at Christmas.  There is a great Audrey Hepburn quote engraved into it.
Instead of using wire, I decided on grosgrain ribbon in a shade of cream because my mother has my wire cutters.  I will not be derailed!!  If you do this, only tie square knots as those are the only knots that don't slip (right over left, then left over right).  I feel the need to share the messages on the back of some of the pieces.  While they won't be seen, I enjoy that they're there.

"The Holy Night - Made from a reproduction of the original painting by Maratta"

"The best to you in all your travels..."
Chad mounted this on the wall for me and I love it.  I had previously switched out a set of heavy, dark curtains in our room for something airier making a dramatic difference.  After a few tweaks with the placement of my items and the addition of an old frame from Pier One (minus the backing and glass), I think it looks pretty good.  There is the opportunity to add something else on the left side....something with some size to create a better balance.  If I've learned anything, it's that the items you already have will be your favorite.  Shop your own home first!

Not bad for around $20!

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  1. LOVE this and I double LOVE that you have Darcy's ornament up there all year round. :) You need to come un-decorate and re-decorate my house for me.