Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We LOVE Wednesday: Celebrating March!

Another week down and it is finally our FAVORITE month!  March is full of celebration so I think my first Wednesday post of the month should be the same.

Our etsy shop for the week is Art Shark Designs by Megan Nolton.  I've been a fan of this artist's work for a while and just adore the simplicity.  She uses a Gocco printer to create perfectly charming images that celebrate all things love.  They all remind me of that great Old 97s song Question.  But that's another post.  For now, just head over to Art Shark and buy a little something sweet for you wall.  Hang it up and then go for a walk with your favorite.  I highly recommend DC during cherry blossom time....simply magical.

Did you know that Noodles and Co. gives you free noodles to help you celebrate your birthday?  Um, yeah....they do.  Just sign up for noodle gram and I promise, they email you sparingly.  For the past 4 years I've been getting a delicious bowl of noodles on the house, no other purchase necessary.  Just a little gift for you from the Noods.  Mm, mm, awesome.
Speaking of birthdays, I'm turning 30 this weekend!  Wow...I just had a little panic attack on the other side of the screen.  Deep down I still feel 13.  (Cue the chick flick!!  And not just because Gollum gets down to some MJ).

I can't possibly let this week go by without celebrating my intense love for Cate Blanchett's Oscar moment.  Givenchy does it again and topped the dress I posted last week.  It was unique and the structure on Cate's willowy frame is a divine combination.  And the beading?  Be still my heart.  It's not often a straight from the runway look conveys so beautifully on an actress...so bravo Cate.  Thanks for being the only thing at the Oscars this year that didn't bore me to tears.

Speaking of Kates....yeah, I'm going there.  This was from their first public appearance together and I can't help noticing this Vivien Sheriff Millinery piece and her happy face.  She's just beyond cute and who doesn't love a fun little hat?

So let's make something today.  How about a sweet button bouquet that will last you all spring?  I love the idea and thanks to Hostess With the Mostest for the idea!

And just for my sweet husband who has been so excited for WEEKS (I mean, every day, counting down, asking me if I know what March 2nd is), we need to LOVE the iPad 2 announcement.  And if for no other reason, I can hog the household laptop more than I already do.

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