Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We LOVE Wednesdays: Frills, Farms, Fond Memories and Fancy Straws

Well happiest of happy Wednesdays to you all!  I missed last week so this week is extra full of fun things worthy of some love.  Let's begin, shall we?

First, our Etsy shop this week comes to us all the way from Thailand.  I'm a big fan of the Thai shops, especially for apparel.  Everything is breezy, sweet and lovely.  After Shower Shop is no exception to this general rule.  Also, they have a TON of positive feedback which I feel is very important when shopping for anything on Etsy.  So buy that sweet little number with some confidence and then go get a big straw hat and a colorful drink.  Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  I'll be wearing this.

With the nice weather comes nice produce.  I'm very much looking forward to our first summer as vegans and love the idea of a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  Lots of farms will sell off "shares" of their produce for around the same price you would normally spend in the grocery store, sometimes even less.  The benefit?  A grab bag of fresh produce every week and often it's delivered to your home.  And for you non veggie heads, meat and dairy farmers sometimes do the same thing.  So check out LocalHarvest.org to see what is available in your area and get excited about branching out with your cooking.  I know we are!

Last week Chad and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary.  So in celebration, I thought I'd share one of my favorite pictures.  We were married at The Homestead in western Virginia near where I grew up.  Family legend has it that when I was a little girl on my first visit to the resort, I peeked over the staircase (yep, the one pictured below) and told anyone within ear shot that I was going to be a bride in that room.  And so I was.  And on top of it, I got to marry the most patient, good, kind and fun man I could have never imagined even if I tried.  So this week and every week, I love that I'm just that lucky.

Anthropologie is to die for, but what else is new?  How about these cutie little elephant drawer pulls?  Yeah, I thought you'd love them too.

Having majored in English, I found that my college years were filled with required reading and not so much pleasure reading.  I'm now making up for those lost years and for Christmas I received the Harry Potter series!  I'm so sucked in.  I actually heard myself say "You know, work is really interfering with my Harry Potter".  While the video below has been around the internet for a WHILE, I feel some things are worth a revisit.

Planning a party?  Well this is just too adorable for words.

And finally, I subscribed to a new magazine!  The English Home is heaven in glossy pages.  I'm sure it will give me loads of ridiculous ideas and what's not to love about that?

I think that's enough love for one week.  There is no such thing as another today, so get out there and enjoy this one!!

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