Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evolution of a Light Box, Part Three

Could it be?  Could I have found a solution to the Etsy picture conundrum?  I think maybe so!!

This occurred to me the other day after looking at some blogs.  I found a picture of someone's work space and instead of setting up a lightbox and dedicating a large space to the photo process, they simply had a wire shelf.  A wire shelf against a neutral why in the world hadn't I ever thought of that?  I have also come to think that natural light (not the beer) is the way to go.  And the best spot in my house for natural light is the front window in our living room.  A trip to Target and two $20 white shelves later, I think I have found the solution.

I am amazed at the improvement in these pictures.  I mean, amazed.  I think it's all starting to look front page worthy...not that I'm biased.  Check out the Sweet March Shop and let me know what you think!

Tallulah thinks they're pretty cool too.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Fun Begins! Royal Wedding Party Favors

Who needs Party Pieces?

In preparation for the royal wedding party, I wanted to do something special for the intimate group that I had assembled.  First, did you know they released the Official Programme for the event?  I opted for black and white, but I'm pretty excited about this cute little addition to the party.

Also, as a fun little game, I found out everyone's Royal Wedding name....hilarious!  The formula is this:  Lady/Lord (your grandmother/grandfather's first name or nickname) (the name of a pet) - (the street you live on or grew up on).  My royal wedding name is Lady Olga VERY posh.  To present these names, I decided it would be a nice gesture to make a donation to the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund.  Who says you can't have fun AND help save the world?

Ooooo, tea towels.  I just love them.  Thank you Graphics Fairy for providing me with endless options to decorate little themed flour sack towels for my guests.

Wrap it all up, add it to some pretty serving dishes and you're ready to go.  Happy Wedding watching everyone!

I'm so excited about those little tea towels I shared at the Graphics Fairy!  Check out what other fabulous graphics you can get and really is a fantastic resource.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Monday Treasury: Cinderelly, Cinderelly

I’m not the biggest fan of Disney (I know, I can hear my mother now…”You don’t like Disney? What are you a communist?”…and no, I’m not a communist). But when thinking about the upcoming royal wedding, there may be no better movie representation than the Disney classic, Cinderella. If you haven’t seen it in YEARS, it’s worth another viewing so one can enjoy it separated from all the ridiculous and overwhelmingly annoying “Princess” merchandise Disney is crack pushing on little girls. I like to pretend the two are not at all related.

'Cinderelly, Cinderelly...' by SweetMarch

Movie Monday Treasury!

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE - Fair...


Handmade Pumpkin Pincu...


King and Queen Crown pr...


Annie the Happy Birthda...


Aqua blue teal and yell...


Classic Cinderella'...


Blue Bird


Prince Charming


Happily Ever After - Gr...


Ugly Step-Sister


Vintage Amber Glass Hob...


Fat Cat Pillow - Black


pale lilac headband


Antique White Nainsook ...


OOAK Necklace from Vint...


Vintage Metal Mop Bucke...

Through this treasury, I like to think Cinderella was Oxford educated, loved a good local brew, was a champion of recycling and all natural cleaning products while volunteering at the local SPCA in her spare time. Maybe not what Walt had in mind, but here’s looking forward to a new generation of princesses!

And I do love some crafty mice….

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting: Teacup Herb Garden

It's spring and I'm tired of being fleeced by the grocery stores buying little plastic packages of herbs.  Not to mention, it's not very green to keep buying something that has been packaged and shipped when I can grow my own supply in the backyard.  Well, my deck...we don't have a backyard.

But you know me.  I can't do anything the regular way (boooring!) and my next crafty endeavor almost ended my marriage.  I'm being dramatic.  Chadson is ever patient with my looney tunes ideas.  I almost broke that patience as I insisted that planting herbs in tea cups (is that not the CUTEST thought?) would work.  Chad, echoed by my mother, explained that plants need room to grow and that tea cups were not the most practical size for an herb garden experiment.  He's right of course, but I don't have to like it.  I will not be deterred!

I give you my tea cup herb garden:

So cute, right???!!

Alright, before you think I am as nutty as Peter Pan, I did not just toss my basil and mint into teacups and sit them on top of a dirt filled flower pot.  No.  I am cleverer than that....or just that ridiculous.  It's truely anyone's guess at this point.  The herbs are planted in the teacup, but the bottom of the teacup has been cut out like so:

Start at Goodwill.  If you're going to plant, you might as well ensure you have a lot of good green juju going into those little don't buy new teacups.  Use some you have or buy secondhand.  These lovelies are from Goodwill for less than $1 per cup.  At that price, if you screw one of them up, it's not utterly tragic.

There are 3 ways to achieve the above (meaning a teacup sans bottom).  The first is to sweet talk the tile cutter at Lowe's to shave off the bottom for you with his fancy pants rotary saw.  Our local Lowe's man did it for me because honestly, men love to cut stuff.  That's where you'll get the Lowe's sales person every time, assuming you're dealing with a dude.  You say, hey, how can i cut ____ in half?  They'll look at you like you've sprouted a third eyebrow but then you'll notice the wheels turning behind those eyes thinking of all the manly, masculine tools that they've always dreamed of using to get the job done.  So yes, I had one of my teacups severed right at the Lowe's.

But I'm a "give a man a fish" kind of girl.  Meaning, I like to be independent in my crafting of ridiculous items.  So out came the dremel.  You need to get a diamond rotary bit and have a lot of patience.  It's a tedious task, but it gets the job done (don't forget your eye protection!).  I suggest having a squirt bottle of water on hand to minimize dust and cool the bit/cup.  I also suggest not trying to dig all the way through the cup.  Instead, if you make a good, deep scored line all the way around, you can tap that puppy with a hammer and the base of your teacup will pop right off.

That brings me to the third method.  Beat it with a hammer.  When I did that, the cup cracked in half the other way but the bottom also came off!  I figured it was just going in the dirt so a little super glue and that one was totally useable.  But as I am committed to completing this project semi correctly, I don't recommend the third method unless you're the laziest person ever.  No judgement here, I promise.

I plan to cut two more cups for the cilantro tomorrow and one more for the parsley seeds on the bottom rack.  The other two will get transplanted into another pot once they get a bit bigger....for now, I find them rather adorable in their new little homes.

My deck smells of delicious herbs.  So keep your fingers crossed that the plants live...I find that to be a much bigger challenge than making the cutest little herb garden around.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pottery Barnification of Townes Place: A Three Year Wall Art Project

Three years.  Yep.  That's how long it took us to figure out what to put on the GIANT wall in our living room.  About a month and a half ago, after over 3 years of residence, we couldn't take it any more.  We looked at art options, nothing inspiring.  I mused on doing a strip of lovely but incredibly labor intensive painted wallpaper and Chad was not amused.  Finally, we decided to take a cheapish route....covering art canvases with fabric.  So I looked to my old standby Pottery Barn catalog for inspiration.  Aaaaah, that's nice.

But where would I find something soft yet graphic like that?  I wasn't sold on the modge podge of maps and while I liked the architectural details, I'm way to uptight for randomly placed bits of framing.  So I thought maybe a toile or somethig floral would work (I was wrong).

I went to Mary Jo's armed with my $50 gift card (thank you Santa!!).  Racks, upon racks, upon rolls, upon bolts, I stumbled across this:  a decor fabric that presents itself as Monticello blueprints.  I had an immediate reaction.  I base most of my ridiculous decisions off of my "immediate reactions" (of which there have been many).  But the selling point is that I know Chad loves presidents...Thomas Jefferson being one of his favs (and my favorite).  And I do love anything "Virginian" becuase, well, Virginia is awesome.  Don't you just love it??

So here's the down-low on the how-to.  Get your art canvases (I chose four 12x36" and one 24x36").  Dick Blick has a great selection and is the cheapest around.  Check Retail Me Not for coupon codes if you decide to order.  Then you need to get the right amount of fabric.  If you chose a cool pattern like mine, you'll want an extra 1/2 yard so you have some leeway with the placement.  Otherwise they'll all look the same and there's no fun in that.

You'll need spray adhesive, a staple gun and a pencil.  Place your fabric right side up on the floor and the canvas face down to get an idea of where your pattern will be placed.  Once you get a happy spot and it's nice and straight, cut out the shape giving yourself room to wrap around (about 2 inches on either side).  Take the cut piece and turn it over, place your canvas face down this time and mark the corners with the pencil.

Good work!  The tricky part is over.  You're going to use the spray adhesive now but use it LIGHTLY.  You only want a little bit on the canvas so when you lay it down on the fabric and turn it over, the fabric will stick.  The fabric will be kept on the canvas by the staples, not the just helps keep it all together while you find the best position for the staple work.  Okay, so the fabric is stuck to the front of the turn it over and smooth on the front side.  If you used too much spray adhesive, this will be a ridculous annoyance.  If you used it lightly, you will be able to smooth out those wrinklies without any issues.  If you're really stuck, just pull up the fabric and lay it back down.  Turn the whole thing over, wrap the canvas and get to staplin'!  I will say, it's more important for the fabric to be straight than it is to be don't pull too hard or you'll distort your image.

Now that wasn't so tough, was it?  And check out the effect of all of them together.  I'm really rather in love.  Take THAT giant wall!