Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Fun Begins! Royal Wedding Party Favors

Who needs Party Pieces?

In preparation for the royal wedding party, I wanted to do something special for the intimate group that I had assembled.  First, did you know they released the Official Programme for the event?  I opted for black and white, but I'm pretty excited about this cute little addition to the party.

Also, as a fun little game, I found out everyone's Royal Wedding name....hilarious!  The formula is this:  Lady/Lord (your grandmother/grandfather's first name or nickname) (the name of a pet) - (the street you live on or grew up on).  My royal wedding name is Lady Olga VERY posh.  To present these names, I decided it would be a nice gesture to make a donation to the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund.  Who says you can't have fun AND help save the world?

Ooooo, tea towels.  I just love them.  Thank you Graphics Fairy for providing me with endless options to decorate little themed flour sack towels for my guests.

Wrap it all up, add it to some pretty serving dishes and you're ready to go.  Happy Wedding watching everyone!

I'm so excited about those little tea towels I shared at the Graphics Fairy!  Check out what other fabulous graphics you can get and really is a fantastic resource.


  1. Hi Meghan!
    I love what you did. You really went all out! The royal names are really cute. I was wondering how you transferred the images to the tea towels. I've used the Citra-Solv method but your images look so much clearer like they are screen printed. Do you mind sharing your method?
    Have a blessed week!

    PS I linked over from GF.

  2. Hey Missy! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Unfortunately my screen printing efforts have always turned out to be a massive FAIL. In a time crunch, I had to do what any self respecting, over ambitious hostess (and Tim Gunn fanatic) would do....make. it. work.

    So I used flower sack towels and good ol' avery tee shirt transfer papers. I cut the images close so there wasn't a huge border. There was a stiffness to them, but I feel the images came out so clear, it is a trade off. That and they took like 1hr for all 8....vs spending 5 hours banging my head against a screen printer.

    Thanks for visiting!! I hope you find other inspiring things and I'm on my way over to Chateau Chic to check out your world!