Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Pottery Barnification of Townes Place: Treasure Shelves

My quest continues.  The mission: my living room and its sad state.  While I'm not ready to reveal the whole before and after (because I'm not even close to being finished), I thought I would share this lovely little project that I've been dying to do for quite some time.
It all started with, you guessed it, a Pottery Barn catalog.  As someone with giant walls and no giant art, it spoke to me.  It said, put up shelves and amass all your random stuff into a seemingly cohesive and changeable collection.  Fine you weird, seductive voice coming from the glossy catalog pages of artsy, cottage goodness...you win this one.

A trip to Ikea and some Lack floating shelves ($20 a piece)....we are in business.  I've spent some time rearranging and getting just the right combo.  But that's the genius....it can be changed, moved, rearranged as your mood dictates.  And my mood says to make it work!  (Apparently my mood is Tim Gunn).

1.  We like elephants...this one was a Target find (on sale!) years ago.  He's been hanging out with us ever since.
2.  If you haven't found a use for the Dollar Store, check out their candles.  Yep...$1 a piece.
3.  One of my very, very favorite art pieces done by my very talented cousin.  I believe it's chalk done on newspaper.  If you peer close in you'll find a charming little print of NZ in the background.  I will always love it.
4.  Chad's brass bear.  Because who doesn't need a brass bear?
5.  Our very first wedding/engagement gift.  While I'm not crazy about the Willow Tree pieces, there is something so sweet about that couple.  And I could not possibly adore the lady who gave it to us more.
6.  The ceramic milk jug given to us by Chad's father and stepmother at our wedding.  I love it so much as they threw our wedding rehearsal dinner at an old revamped dairy barn.  The night was the perfect start to a weekend full of festivity and celebration.  Clean House would be very disappointed in my ability to displace strong emotions on objects...but then again, I try not to hoard ridiculous kitsch from the 80s.
7.  This coffee table book, "Love Letters Lost", is also our wedding guest book.  People signed the pages and enjoyed looking at all the funny vintage pictures and letters included inside.  I still take it down and do a little reading now and again.
8.  That little bird is from Cameroon (I have a bird problem).
9.  Those little birds are from Black Lion in Charlotte (a place that enables my bird problem).
10.  Metal bicycle from Hobby Lobby...Chad just shook his head when he saw it,  I said "Sold!"
11.  Print from Etsy on an old dictionary page.
12.  Extra doll chair on vacation from assisting with Etsy pictures.
13.  Set of art tiles from another favorite cousin in New Zealand and also a wedding gift.  I have loved them since we got them but sadly, they did not have a good home.  Until now!  Hooray for shopping at home first!
I do so hope you're inspired.  More living room Pottery Barnification to come.

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