Saturday, April 9, 2011

Royal Wedding Bingo

Reading article after article of speculation on the wedding guests of Kate and William's big day, I thought it might be a fun activity to play Royal Wedding Bingo while watching the coverage with my guests.

Each will receive a card that has been randomly filled out with the names of royals, dignitaries and celebrities alike....some will definitely be in attendance while some have only been rumored with a couple of no ways in between.  As they show up at Westminster Abbey, do commentary, etc, their names can be checked off.  I have decided that their face has to be shown on the coverage to have it count.  The first to BINGO wins a prize!
I have this in PDF form (6 different, randomly filled out cards) but converted one of the cards to JPEG format so it would upload onto the blog.  If you're interested in getting the 6 PDFs for your party, simply "like" the Sweet March page on Facebook and send me a message as the post requests.  I'll be happy to send out the files to you!

Happy Planning!

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