Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Royal Wedding Party: Invitation Goodness

I've had the 29th of April scheduled off work for months.  Why?  Because I'm having a Royal Wedding Party, of course!

I don't remember when Diana got married....I was only a few months old.  But I'm sure my mother watched it with me and I remember when they replayed it once when I was a kid.  I just love a good wedding so when the opportunity presented itself for this latest royal wedding, I knew I wanted to do something fun.  I'm having a small sleep over with a few friends and then in our PJs, we're going to wear tiaras, eat some yummy finger foods and drink Bloody Mary's and Champagne Punch while enjoying the day.

Several people I know are doing this and I thought it might be nice to share some "stealable" graphics for you to use on your own royal wedding party invitation!

Here is the actual invitation for the big day that the 1,900 lucky invitees have received:

Very pretty of course.  If you would like to DIY your own royal wedding invitation for you gathering, please feel free to use the graphic I created below for the heading:

More Royal Wedding Party Ideas to come!

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