Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We LOVE Wednesday: Parties, Piggies and Painted Wallpaper

It's Wednesday and I'm on top of life!  Meaning, I'm aware that my Wednesday posts for the last two weeks have been MIA but I think the lovely that's happening this week will make up for it.  So without further ado enjoy this Wednesday love!

Our Etsy shop this week is Janet Hill Studio.  Imagine the feeling you would get if you were spending the day in a cottage by the sea, curled up with a good book in a perfectly covered armchair while sipping a cup of Lady Gray and wearing your very favorite party frock because there are some pieces of clothing that you should never require an excuse to wear.  That's what these paintings feel like to me.  My personal favorite is pictured below and I only wish that I had a yard so I could do a life size recreation.  Stop by Ms. Hill's shop and check out the other perfectly pretty pieces of art....it truely is LOVEly.

I got a new handbag for spring and I'm over the moon about it.  Well at least as over the moon as you can be about a purse....perspective people.

Thank you HBO Comedy for replaying one of my favorite, favorite movies this week.  Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind is both hysterical and full of fantastic fake music.  I just really wish that Mitch and Mickey were real....the scene below was cut from the movie, but come on.  Katherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy make the best folk singers and if you love this, check out the movie for more fake songs that are just too good to not be real.

If you're like me and live for a theme party, then Plum Party should certainly be on your radar.  Sure they do personalized gear, but they also specialize in some great themed party goodness.  For example, if you're throwing a Royal Wedding Party like I am, check out these royal tea bags.  So hilarious.

For your DIY fix this week, I offer the idea to do painted wall paper just like the folks over at the most loveliest of lovely blogs, Jones Design Company.  While this project will take you forever, I fully believe the result is astoundingly gorgeous.  But do it in a place you're going to live forever....it would be a tragedy to leave that behind for someone to paint over.

And finally, Penny Dreadful Vintage has a fabulous post on the fashion of one of my favorite icons, Miss Piggy.  Enjoy and remember, the new Muppet movie will be out in November!!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


  1. If the faces on the tea bags weren't so creepy, I'd totally order them! I'm also tempted by the paper napkins...

  2. I'm nearly done with my painted wallpaper headboard and I loooooove it! But I am SO glad I decided to do just a small, defined space. With our 70s textured walls, trying to do a room or even one entire wall would have been a nightmare.

  3. Hey Sarah, when it's done and posted on your blog, I will need to share on mine! I'm completely inspired by your painted headboard idea and if we lived in our "forever" house, I would most definitely attempted it as well. So for now, I shall live vicariously :)

  4. of all your loves... I love this one the most! well except maybe the one that was a picture of me.

  5. I especially love the theory that you can peruse the post while listening to Mitch and Mickey. I wish they were real.