Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We LOVE Wednesdays: Easter (Parade), Herbs and Eastern Mediterranean Treats

Another Wednesday, another round of Wednesday eye candy.

Our Etsy shop for this is full of seasonal and all year round fun (how about a honey bee cap...so cute).  Just ask Petal Knits what's better than dyed Easter Eggs....why, it's eggs wrapped in sweet knitted  egg covers that make any ol' egg perfectly precious.  Such a creative idea for seasonal decoration and they are beyond cute.  I just want to make some and hang them on a little wire tree while waiting for the Easter Bunny to find me.  The best part?  If you don't know how to knit (like me) you can buy them already made.  Or, if you're ever so clever, Petal Knits is selling the pattern!

Chadson and I journeyed to Charlotte, NC this weekend for a little visit with my parents.  I am very lucky to have a Momma who also enjoys two things that are very important to me:  shopping and fabric. I can assure there is no more amazing place in the world than Mary Jo's Cloth World.  It is about the size of a Walmart and filled head to toe with every kind of possible fabric you could imagine.  From bridal lace selling for around $150 per yard, to rows upon rows of home decor and quilting cottons.  And those are just my favorite sections.  If you're ever in the area, check it out and get a kick out of their classic handmade signs.  Also, Mary Jo's blog has a great blog post about the fabric my mom bought and did something very special with.  LOVE it!

Mmmmmm....tabouli.  This incredibly healthy and delicious Eastern Mediterranean treat happens to be a Chadson specialty.  He was kind enough to share his tabouli recipe with you all:

What you need:
-3 Bushels of "Crinkly" Parsley (chopped)
-2 Cups of Bulgar Wheat
-3 Cups of Water
-Olive Oil
-Green Onions (chopped)
-Fresh Tomatoes (1 large or 2 "from the vine" size)
-Lemon Juice (around 2 lemons worth)
-Garlic Salt

Place bulgar in a mixing bowl.  Boil the water and pour over the bulgar.  Cover immediately with plastic wrap and let sit in the fridge for around 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes elapses, ensure all of the water is absorbed....if not, squeeze it out.  Dice your tomato over the bulgar so all of those lovely juices get added to your mixture.  Add the parsley to taste...3 bundles should be more than enough and the amount needed is truly up to you.  Add some chopped green onion.  Then it's time for olive oil and lemon juice.  Add in portions...you will need more oil than lemon juice and again, this will be up to taste.  The tabouli should be moist, but not swimming in oil.  Salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.  But the BEST thing to do is to leave this in the fridge over night.  It gives the flavors a chance to party it up with each other and get all mixed together and delish while infusing your tabouli with yummy goodness.

All of that talk of fresh goodness makes me want to share some green inspiration!  Space is at a premium around here and we do not have room for a sprawling garden.  So enjoy some of these stunning vertical plantings from Design Squish that take advantage of the air up there.  Such a great idea for city or in our case, townhouse living....vertical herb garden in the works!

Oh that's right...it's Easter week!  So we need some Judy, Fred and Ann in our lives to remind us that the world is a little bit better when you dance around and sing in lovely gowns.

Making things is a must.  For a little spring color check out Tip Nut's tutorial collection for paper flowers.  My favorite are the daisies...too cute!

And finally...the Annual Washington Post Peep Show.  So.  Awesome.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the compliments! These eggs, though they look real, are ceramic! They can be purchased at Oriental Trading Company. (Minus the silk lace, of course!:)