Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Ring Pillows

Wedding prep continues for my good friend Rachel’s Farm Fair-Tastic Wedding!

In my last wedding post, I didn’t have a chance to divulge my intense love of Rachel’s color scheme. The wedding is in fall, and I cannot say enough how much I love non traditional “fall” colors. It makes me so happy.  Rach decided on the following: Copen Blue, Golden Rod, Cream, Grey with hints of green, orange and red. Yum. It just makes for such a rich and interesting palate.

With the bridal shower this past weekend, I stuck to my traditional shower gift. One item from the registry and a little something handmade. When I found out she had two ring bearers, I was pretty sure she hadn’t checked a carrying vessel off the list.  That wasy my jumping off point.  They just needed to be small, pretty and personal. Martha did a GREAT series of ideas to help inspire.  Ah....lovely.

I used pulled raw “silk” in a light butter, textured velveteen in copen blue, red velvet ribbon (my favorite part), cream granny lace, a vintage (looking...I didn't have a lot of time to source material) button and the twine we used on her invitation.  I didn't special order anything.  It was all available at my local fabric store and the total bill came to around $15.  Premade ring pillows sell for MUCH more...again, you say the word wedding and the price quadruples.

While playing with Citra Solv to do her wedding invites, we were discussing the endless possibilities. Aside from the series of Goonies tea towels Rach imagined, she also thought “Rachel loves Kyle” and “Kyle loves Rachel” towels would be sweet. I filed that bit of information away and brought it out for these pillows.  Plus, personalization makes things special.  I didn’t work at Things Remembered for 3 years to come away without being completely brainwashed into believing that anything with your name on it is way cooler than something without your name (I used to engrave Bic pens in my down time).

Citra Solve to the rescue! Because the raw “silk” had texture, I knew the transfer wasn’t going to be perfect or crisp. But that’s exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a worn rustic quality...much like the rustic "lace" trim I found.  I will say, the back of the pretend silk fabric was quite shiny and slippery so it made the rubbing more of a challenge.  I had to practice a few times, so when you use Citra Solv, always remember to print out several copies.  I used the same font as their invites...I'm a little in love.

I used 8” squares with a ¼ inch seam allowance but you can do whatever size you want. I settled on 8” mainly because when you get a ¼ yd of fabric cut, it will be 9” wide. I didn’t want to buy more fabric than that and I hate lugging a bolt of fabric to the cutting table to ask for a fourth...that may just be me.

For those of you who are not expert seamstresses, start your sewing education with pillows.  You cannot screw up a pillow. With right sides together, any trim should be sandwiched in the middle with what will be the ouside edge facing the center. Stitch around, leave a hole to turn right sides out when you’re finished. Stuff and close up the hole. Sooooo simple.

I marked the center and sewed my button through the entire pillow using a long needle.  I've gotten sharp things lost in way too many projects...I've learned.  If I did it this project again, I would probably put a button on the back side too just to ensure the dimple stays in the middle. The ribbon was then tied around the button and knotted underneath.

Voila...cute cute cute. And Rach loved them. I’m so glad and am looking forward to my next wedding project! I didn’t make a lot of things for my wedding, so I greatly appreciate my good buddy giving me the opportunity to live vicariously.

*I have since cleaned off the big finger print on my camera lens that makes certain spots look soft filtered.  I assure you, the writing isn't all blurry in certain spots!

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