Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Anthropologie Style Lamp - Felted Flower Goodness

Usually, my home decor inspiration comes from Pottery Barn.  But this time, it's a different favorite.

If I could live in Anthropologie, I would.  But somehow, I don't see the store managers thinking that was so great.  Especially considering that while I love everything they sell, I have a terrible time digesting their prices and to date have purchased nothing from their store.  Take for example, my latest obsession: The Rose Landscape Shade priced at $98.

Hello, gorgeous.  But at $98, I expect to get a base, a lightbulb and a small house elf to come turn it on and off for me.

Enter all that leftover felt from Rach and Kyle's wedding.  I had almost the exact color scheme sitting up in my craft room.  While the Anthro version is probably raw silk and tulle (by the looks of it), I thought I would make my version from this massive collection of felt.  I was also thinking rather ambitiously and planned to make two.  But after seeing the effect, I think it needs to be a signature piece.

I found a $15, burlap covered drum lamp shade at Target.  I choose the burlap because felt will almost naturally cling to roughness of it.  Because of the natural cling, arranging the leaves and flowers would be much easier.  I'm also a fan of the color....while the Anthro shade is a chocolate linen, I thought this was a pretty good alternative.

For the leaves on the Anthro shade, it's all little stitches.  I decided to stick with the felt, free hand cut the leaves and add little stitches to that.  Same shabby effect.  So much less time.

I started with the multi layer white "magnolias" on the right.  Easy enough to cut free hand.  Should you need a template, there's a great one here.  After I cut all three layers, I stitched them together at the center knowing that I was going to put some vintage pearl buttons I have over top of the stitches.  If you prefer to not stitch, glue will work just as well.  You should never use hot glue on a lampshade...why?  Because lamps put off heat and heat will remelt your glue.  One day you'll turn it on and those flowers will melt off like the dude's face in Raider's.  Maybe not that dramatic and gross, but the same principal is at work.

As for the little flowers, the color combo was a bit tricky.  If you look close, there are yellows and oranges but also pinks and deep reds.  In a pile, it looked like a big ol' mess...but I just trusted and went along and sure worked out.  But before the "tah dah!!",  here is the baby flower construction.

The Anthro technique would not work with felt so if you want to make exact rosettes like those, go here.  I stuck with a rose that I'm familiar with constructing.  Cut a strip of felt no bigger than 3/4inch wide and approximately 12" long.  Much thicker and the flower will be too far off the shade, much longer and it will be too wide.  So cut your strip and then scallop it.

From one end, roll keeping the unscalloped edge lined up.  Voila, baby rose.

Stick a straight pin through it to hold.  I like to cut and roll all of them and then stitch.  For some reason it makes the work go faster.

To make the multi colored ones, just do the same thing with two different colors, one on top of the other.    Stitch up on the bottom side and you're set.  The multi ones look like this:

If you notice, the Anthro Shade has flowers all the way around, but also, it looks kind of dark when you turn it on.  Since I wanted to actually use this as a functioning light source, I opted to do just the front.  Everything is glued on using Aileen's and left over night to dry.  The result is sweet and I'm a little in love.

So let's add this up.  I probably used about two or three 9x12 sheets of each color felt at $.70 each.  The total felt cost was around $10.  The pearl buttons were $2 at a flea market and the shade was $15 at Target.  The lamp base was one we had hanging around the house (I have a collection of the most RANDOM house is like where weird lamps go to die).  Total cost for the project:  $27.

And now it has a home.


  1. That's BEAUTIFUL! Love it!

  2. Wow, this is awesome! Love the lamp shade!

  3. This is a fabulous project! I love how it turned out and that one can use colors they have in their own homes. Awesome!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love this! the attention to detail is amazing!! :)

  5. nice work, thanks for the tute

  6. Hey thanks! I do rather love it. And if you try one out, PLEASE, post your results here! I'd love to see.

  7. Stopped by from Knock-off Decor~~gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing the tute--I'll have to try that this winter!

  8. Very nice handiwork Meghan.I've done flowers & leaves out of velvet & silk fabric & embellished with beads. I haven't picked up a needle in awhile though seeing your work has given my sleeping creative spirit a good wake up call, so here I go into my sewing room & stash ....take care &thank you!! Rainey Digerness