Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Business Cards!

I have had a few Simply March orders and with each one, I've been totally bummed to not have business cards to send them off with.  I've been waiting and really focusing on having a nice, full shop and adding new and cute merchandise daily.  That said, there hasn't been much time, or cash, to focus on the all important business card.

I am a HUGE fan of Moo cards.  I love the quality and it is so handy to have a little something with pictures of merchandise.  For now, I will focus on having something to just help get my name out there and guide people to my shop, blog and Facebook page (by the way, did you see the Facebook "like" button over on the right side?  Because you should totally "like" it!).

After pricing out some other printers, I decided that was also not the way I wanted to go.  The cards were inexpensive, but shipping and wait time was completely impatient soul could not wait 30 days plus shipping time.  Being the crafty girl I am, I refused to give up and below is the totally great outcome:

Yep, for the cost of a great punch ($15), a pack of 8.5"x11" kraft paper ($4) and a pack of REALLY nice, double sided 12x12 scrapbook paper ($9 with a 50% coupon), I have 576 business cards waiting to be made.

A regular business card measures 2" x 3.5".  I was being thrifty and wanted to get the most use out of this gorgeous paper, so I decided to make them 2" x 3" so I could use the entire 12x12 sheet.  I chose this great pack called "Daily Junque" by Pink Paislee and I'm in love.  It's nice and thick...a good weight and double sided.  And the pattern....le sigh.  If I was a scrapbook paper, I would look like this.

Next, I did my little design.  One of the best things, I could use my fonts and design that I've been using in my Etsy shop banner.  I'm a bit nuts that way....I like to keep things matching and strongly branded.  Because I can get 24 cards out of a 12x12 scrapbook page, I wanted to get a number that divides evenly into that out of the 8.5x11 card stock.  12 seemed to work just fine.  I measured the space the punch gave me (there are SO many punches that will give you a cool die creative) and then printed on our ink jet.  I like a more distressed look, so I chose to print on fast draft.  Time to punch!

Cut your scrapbook paper, give it a little brush with some rubber cement and voila.  DIY business cards that are branded, super cheap and way cuter than anything you could have bought.

That one happened by accident, but I really love my little message that popped through....creating my crafty empire, one awesome card at a time.


  1. Hi! I love your idea it looks fantastic! I wanted to know where you purchased your "punch" I havent found it anywhere! Can you share?!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by and are inspired!

    OF COURSE I can share (sharing is one of my favorite things)! It's an EK Success punch from Hobby Lobby. No fancy ordering or wholesale trickery. But don't forget your 40% off coupon...and if you have a smart phone, you can pull the coupons up electronically while you're standing at the register. So no worries about leaving your coupon at home like I always do!

    Thanks so much and please stop by frequently! I'd love to see a picture of your version!

    1. Meghan, thanks so much for sharing! My story is the same as yours...the cards that I like (the brown, distressed look) would cost me about $60. What's a girl to do? Google "diy business cards." I can afford Hobby Lobby w/ my 40% off! I may buy a stamp so that I can stamp my logo on my cards. I'm a blogger at Hope you can stop by for a visit! Best regards, Stephanie

  3. Hi! I love your idea it looks fantastic!like it when design plastic business cards.

  4. Captivating, simple and elegant cards..can you share more designs related to plastic business cards with us...

  5. You're kind of a genius. The punched out cards look fabulous, even before you glued them to scrapbook paper. I could have done this and saved myself $50 that I just spent on Moo cards. :(

    Thanks for sharing!
    Christine Barker

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